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    Using Project 2016. In the Task Information box, enter a Lag of -50%. MSP keeps adding an “e” and assume for elapsed time.
    Back on the Entry table, in the predecessor column, can edit out the “e” or just type it out.
    Is this a new feature (yuck), a problem with the Task Information box or do I need to change an overall function someplace else?
    Thank you, Betty

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    Jigs Gaton
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    Hi there Betty, I am not seeing that here. In the Predecessor Entry table, Lag column, it just shows -50% and the task seems to calculate correctly. Hmmm…

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    Larry Christofaro

    Betty, I am getting the same behavior you are. Strange. I don’t use that kind of predecessor very often but never had the e entered automatically. I’m using Project Pro for O365. That does NOT happen on my Project 2010 version. Not sure what or when that happened, or if this is a bug or by design. Sorry for the lack of a good answer.

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    Thank you…confirms what I was expecting.

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    Sai Prasad
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    This is definitely a BUG and not default behavior in Project 2016. This is reported to Microsoft and you should expect it to be fixed in the next update. Till that time, remove the “e” from the predecessor.

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    Betty Boushey

    Thank you! It is always nice to know it is a bug and a solution in the works! Made my day!93

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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