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    Adam Ma

    On Microsoft website http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project-help/actual-work-fields-HP001023098.aspx, there is the following statement regarding how updating % Complete or Actual Work will cause the other to be re-calculated and how this option can be turned off.

    “By default, Project calculates actual work for assignments based on percent complete values that you enter for tasks. You can turn this setting off in the Project Options dialog box.”

    But I don’t see such an option on the Project Options form (File > Options) anywhere. Under File > Options > Schedule, you can turn off the option “Actual costs are always calculated by Project” to make the Actual Cost independent of % Complete. But turning off that option has no impact on Actual Work, which will still be recalculated every time % Complete is changed.

    Any tips and tricks on how to make % Complete and Actual Work independent of each other as Microsoft indicated we can do?


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    Joseph Yin

    Hi Adam:

    The option to turnoff is “Updateing Task status updates resource status”. I have not use it personally. Hope this helps

    Best, Joseph Yin

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    Dan Schaeffer

    As far as I can tell, ‘Updating Task status updates resource status’ does not uncouple changes to Actual Work from changing % Complete.

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    Rod Gill


    Use Physical % Complete column if you don’t want actual Work etc to change.

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