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Microsoft Project 2016 issues Format Painter, cant Move columns and rows

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    Anna Anderson

    Microsoft Project 2016 had been working fine until Mid March 2016 for atleast 2 months.
    Suddenly, some functions that were working before don’t work now.
    Format Painter doesn’t work. Moving rows by clicking and dragging doesn’t work. Moving columns don’t work. Anyone with ideas?

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    Larry Christofaro

    Anna, as strange as this is I think I might know what’s happening. Go to File / Options, and select the Advanced tab. Part way down under the Edit section, check to see if the Allow cell drag and drop checkbox is selected. It’s supposed to be, and will cause the behavior you are seeing if it is unselected. Let me know if that works. Thanks…

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    I have the exact same problem. I have already checked on the configuration checkbox you are talking about. It was checked. I tried unchecking it, closing, reopening, checking it again to see if it triggered anything, but no. Still does not work for me.

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    Sharon Fry

    Anna, thanks for asking this last night as I had a couple of students in my Project 2013 class today that had 2016 installed – and they had the same issue.
    Larry, I checked on their machines, and “Allow cell drag and drop” checkbox is selected (checked) – so that is not the issue.
    Based on the change in behavior that Anna described, my guess is that an update caused it. The question now is whether that was intentional on Microsoft’s part, but since it also “broke” Format Painter, I’d think not.

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    Sharon Fry

    Sorry, Neil, I hadn’t refreshed the page since I first opened it so I didn’t see your post when I submitting mine. 🙂

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    Issue – Microsoft Project 2016 issues Format Painter, cant Move columns and rows

    I have the exact issue as personnel on the below link. I spent almost six hours on the phone today with Microsoft and all I got was a run around from customer service agents that either no clue what they were talking about or were not trained. I was also disconnected several times and had to start the process over and over again. It is costing me time and money!!!

    See the below link and provide a fix please – very frustrated!


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    I have the same problem that I am now unable to drag either task rows or columns to a new location. I am new to 2016 so wasn’t sure if this was a revision but from the posts, I think it is a new problem.

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    Larry Christofaro

    OK, now it just happened to me with my Project Pro for O365. Please don’t tell me it’s contagious…!! It still works fine on my Project 2010 version. Wow, now that’s a real bummer…

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    I have something similar with project pro 2016 x64
    I can still move columns, but I cant actually select where they need to go.
    They appear somewhere way down on the ghant chart. It’s like there is a scaling issue with the mouse coordinates or something.

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    Ed Wilko

    I have the exact same problem. I use to be able to drag a row to another location and i can no longer perform this action. Have checked the “Allow cell drag and drop” and it is checked already. Have tried numerous times to uncheck and re-check.

    Please someone solve this issue as it is extremely frustrating

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    Josh Elvander

    I also observed this issue, and share the frustrations.

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    I am also having the same problem on 2 different install of Project 16. Coincidentally around the same time frame I have a problem with Windows 10 Start Menu, and the windows tiles. It seem that when I add a new program tile it some how does not get indexed properly, so the start menu and Cortina both stop working. The only solution is to add a new user and rebuild all of the tiles. Microsoft is aware of the problem but like our Project problem not time frame for repair has been published.

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    I just installed Project 2016, and found this problem. Is there a solution to it yet?

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    Saif Ahmed Syed

    Is there a solution yet?

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    Well, this issue is STILL an issue as of June 8th, 2016. I am, however, updating Microsoft Office 2016 to see if it will resolve the issue… I’m hoping …. Hoping and praying this issue will be fixed…. It’s annoying …

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