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    Can someone point me to a site that list all the advantages of using MS Project server as opposed to using the Desktop version?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can’t really compare these as they are different products.  Project is a key component, along with Project Server, in an EPM solution.  If you use Project connected to Project Server you still use Project to plan your schedules (so you get all of the features of Project), but you now use Enterprise resources (you can still use local resources but generally they are not used), plans are saved centrally, visibility of all the projects are available via IE, reporting is via Excel Services (and others).  From a PM’s perspective the scheduling benefits of using Project connected to Project Server are minimal; from a resourcing perspective you can see each resources’ assignments across all projects.

    I can only think of one downside – versions – only a single version of any project can be saved to Project Server.

    I would have a look at this page… http://www.microsoft.com/project/en-us/project-management.aspx

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    We use Project Pro 2010 and are implementing Server. I have referenced the Microsoft site extensively for background – they have lots of white papers and a whole series of videos on the product.

    Why are we implementing Server?

    • Enterprise resource management, including the ability to manage current workload and plan for future capacity
    • Project prioritization, the ability to select projects based on a defined and repeatable process
    • Metrics and reports at the project, program and portfolio levels for different audiences (using third party tool for some of this)
    • Forces us to improve our basic project management capability
    • Standard toolset for all our project managers

    Project Server is a big investment and a lot of work to implement. You are right to weigh the pros and cons to see whether the system is right for you.


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    And to the above list I would add

    1. Centralised and consistent issue and risk tracking and reporting.

    2. Centralised document management.

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    The issues and risks are tracked in Sharepoint lists, and these items can be linked to the tasks within the project plan. I have not seen any reports or charts based on these, but possibly a custom report can be defined to do this.

    I would not say that Project Server offers a sophisticated solution for enterprise issue and risk management, but it does have these basic capabilities if your organization does not already have such solutions.


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    Thanks for the input.  Does this issue and risk tracking provide risk charts?  If so what type of chart?

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