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    HI All –

    I have been tasked to find an integration tool (or plugin) that can bi-directionally update tasks in the MS Project file with JIRA and from JIRA back to Project. There may be flexibility to use a different Scrum type software other than JIRA. Does someone know if MS project has this integration with either JIRA or other tool used for Sprints?

    Are there other 3rd party software to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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    I am aware of Ceptah Bridge and The Connector. If anyone has used these I would appreciate your evaluation on them.

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    Hi CB

    One of MPUG’s authors has written an article on the topic that may be an option: https://www.mpug.com/up-and-running-ms-project-and-jira-with-a-bridge/

    Hope this helps! All other suggestions are welcome.

    – Team MPUG

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    I’m a fan of Ceptah Bridge. I’ve never used “The Connector”. I don’t even recall whether I evaluated The Connector an the time. One of my criteria was that I didn’t want to have to engage with IT or a Jira Admin and the cost of Ceptah was also reasonable enough that I didn’t have to make a huge case for getting it.

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    Thanks Dan for the reply. I have a couple of questions on Ceptah is you could help.

    Does it allow you to Sync multiple JIRA projects to a single MS Project.
    Is there anything about the app that you don’t like?

    Thanks again for your time.

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    Multiple Jiras into one MSProject eh? That’s a weird one. I can’t imagine that’d be possible but the person to ask is Sergey Gussak, Ceptah Bridge’s author (helpdesk@ceptah.com).

    I think the product is simple and well-designed. I never found it to be buggy. My bigger problem was with my own ignorance of MS Project and Jira – and that was a large learning curve. If you’re not well grounded in both you’ll find the instructions for Ceptah Bridge to be terse and not particularly kind. The best thing to do is work through a bunch of use cases with demo Jira databases and MS Project files until you’re very clear on what you need/want to do. You’re likely to need your Jira admin to craft some custom fields for you as well.

    IMHO Jira/Project/Ceptah are a killer combination letting you stay on top of the complexity of a rapidly shifting software project.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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