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    I have nulls in a few (not all) of my baseline cost fields on summary tasks. Could this be a result of entering new activities under an existing summary activity and setting baseline without checking both checkboxes under “For Selected Tasks”? I thought even if I just picked the top checkbox “to all summary tasks” that it would roll up just fine. And if there is no cost, shouldn’t there be $0 instead of null?

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    Verify that the Summary task cost field has a value in it.
    If not, it may be that your Summary Task is set as a Manual Scheduled task. When a summary task is not Auto Schedule, task information from the detailed tasks below it will NOT summarize up to the Summary task.

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    Cost field does have a value in it. Summary task, and all other project tasks, are set to Auto Schedule. Thanks for your help!

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    Larry Christofaro

    Heather, the Baseline Cost field is a cost field and should default to $0 if not updated. Not sure why some of them are set to Null as I am unable to show Null in either Project 2016 or Project 2010 no matter how the task is setup. Also, when rolling up selected tasks selecting the “to all summary tasks” will roll the cost up through all summary tasks for the selected detail tasks…up to the Project Summary task. So in short, I’m not sure why you are getting nulls in the Baseline Cost field of any tasks. Does it work correctly going forward if you enter a 0 in the field? Is there anything similar about those summary tasks? Any additional information you can think of would be great.

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    I discovered this issue when I installed forProject for DCMA 14-pt assessment and it errored. I entered a 0 in the field per the advise of the forProject rep and now the application runs fine. I was just trying to figure out if anybody had any clue how this could have happened in the first place. The company rep did say he had one other client with this issue prior. For the record, I never enter data into baseline fields – I always use the “Set Baseline” feature. So I couldn’t figure out how this issue occurred.

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    Larry Christofaro

    Yea, it felt like it was an issue, hopefully with only one project…?? Good best practice not to update baseline fields manually..:-). Good luck and I hope this is a one-time issue.

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    Yes, only with one project. Thanks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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