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    Marty Tyler

    I am having a very difficult time finding information on how to accomplish portfolio planning without using workflows.  The only workflow I have available for use is the Sample Workflow, which is riddled with issues it would seem – I cannot convince our support team to install Dynamic Workflow since the installation will need to be on the entire server farm.   Additionally, the workflow itself is not mission critical, I just need to get the projects loaded with some general details, by department, to the financial and resourcing steps in Project Server 2010 for planning purposes.  Can someone point me in the right direction to short-cut the learning curve on this.    I have the Orange/Blue books from MS Project Experts, they are helpful, but not with this.

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    Matthew Davis
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    Marty – If you just need to get projects into the system with general details you’ll need to:

    Populate the Departments lookup table.

    Create the custom fields to collect the data-points you are looking for.

    Add the custom fields to the Projectx Details Page(s) (PDP’s) associated with the Enterprise Project Type you are using.  (Project Center > New > Enterprise Project ?) by editing the Project Fields web-part on the PDP.

    To make the Schedule page available (For Schedule / Resourcing) you’ll need to add the Schedule Page to the list of available pages in the Enterprise Project Type you are using.

    Hope this helps.

    Matt Davis
    VP Consulting Services
    PM Providers

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    Marty Tyler

    It does Matt, thank you.   We cannot get approval to install Dynamic Workflow – without which we can only use the Sample Workflow, which is very buggy.   The Visual Studio option is off the table as well.   At least this way we can allocate resources and perform demand/capacity analysis on our proposals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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