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    I have MS Project 2010 loaded on my work laptop along with MS Project 2007.  I created a simple work plan in 2010 making several changes between saves.  All was going well until after I turned on auto filter.  The next time I opened the file it appeared to be OK but as soon as I clicked on a column to change the filter criteria the application crashed.  I tried opening the file several times but it would not let me do anything with it, crashing no matter what I tried to do.  Finally I saved it to an XML file then re-opened and re-saved it.  I have not had a recurrence.  I thought this was an isolated event until speaking with a co-worker who also had a similar situation with a newly created project file.
    At this point I need to know if other’s have seen the same behavior and if there is a know cause.  We will be rolling out the upgrade to our user community soon and need to understand what is causing this.
    I am not currently using server access, although we will when we do our roll-out in a few weeks.
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    I had a similar problem a month ago.  I had the trial ver of MS Project 2010 and MS Project 2007 on my labtop.  I lost a project plan using 2007 that I worked 6 hours on it.  Note, MS Project 2010 was closed at the time.   Unfortunately, I could not reopen the corrupted MS Project 2007 file using any application.
    Chiquita Shands
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    I had stopped using 2010 since my organization has not rolled out this version yet.  I’ve been working with my file in 2007 until today.   I opened the file in 2007 and the application crashed as soon as I tried to access a column filter.  I reopened the file in 2010 and was able to save the file and reopen it with no further problems.  I will continue to work on the file in whatever version works without crashing.   For now that is 2010.  I’m saving the file in 2007 file format.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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