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Project Pro, PWA and User task list Sync issues

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    We are having issues with project resources task status being correct. The resource is completing task in their task list in PWA and it shows complete in PWA and Project pro timeline, but when we run tasking report in power Query task will show as incomplete. To this point the solution has been to go into Project Pro and republish the project and rerun the report. Then all is right in the world. I believe it is an issue with the Sync of Project, task list, PWA, and Power query but I am unsure where to start. Anyone have similar experience? what did you do ?

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    Larry Christofaro

    From your message I’m not able to determine an answer. Some thoughts:
    * You say it is complete in the Project Pro timeline, I assume that also means in the task sheet.
    * If the task is complete in PWA (in the schedule PDP in view mode or any other view) then the task update has been published. Viewing a schedule in PWA displays the published version, edit mode displays the working version.
    * Could it be you are reporting from a cube that hasn’t been rebuilt (sorry, just trying to ask all the questions)
    * On that note, could it be that you are reporting from the SharePoint list? It should still work but it does require that extra synch of the data.
    * Is the initial publish from PWA? I wonder if it might be an issue with PWA publish vs. a publish from Project Pro.
    * Are you pulling from the reporting DB or from OData? Shouldn’t be an issue either way but might be worth comparing the two.

    Power Query is simply reporting on the data so I would concentrate on the publish/synch. Some suggestions:
    * Validate the observations above.
    * Make sure your initial publish of the task update is the same as when you republish tasks (Project Pro). Could be a bug worth reporting.
    * Check the data between each step to see what is and isn’t working

    Best I can come up with off the top of my head. Good luck…

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    Thanks for the ideas. I think you may be on to something with the non-rebuilt cube. we are pulling the reports from Odata that is external from everything else, meaning I have to pull the report down to excel and refresh then upload back to PWA. Now that I think about it we have even seen where a task in updated in a personal task list but is not seen in the PWA schd. until the schd has been opened up in edit mode and republished. If that is the case then I am sure the refreshing of Odata external just compounds the issue. If I could figure out how to get my reports tied to auto refreshing Odata I would be doing myself a huge favor. again Any Ideas there?

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    Larry Christofaro

    Darren, if you go to Data / Connections / select the data connection / and select properties, there is an option to refresh data connection when the file is open. That will give you the up to date data whenever the report is opened (online or in Excel). Hope that helps…

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    When I go to project center in PWA and the go to reports tab and open the report in question once it loads I have to edit it in excel to refresh the connections. When I pull it into excel and try to follow the steps you laid out above I get as far as Data/ and then everything is greyed out like the workbook is protected. IT guys says no. I have even tried to save to my machine and I hit the same wall. Any ideas?

    Also I have been volentold to get a working set of reports complete this month. I have the basic structure in place and I can pull a lot of the data but really have no idea how to get to the point of making counts by person, late delievery by person etc… If you have any advice or ideas of a good resource to walk me thru creating these reports it would be a huge help.

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    Larry Christofaro

    Darren, Power Query might be the issue here as it uses a different connection solution then normal Excel and can be problematic to a basic SharePoint page. Try creating a simple Excel workbook with a basic data connection (no Power Query) and see if that successfully refreshes. Also make sure the “Activate Project Web App Permission for Excel Web App Refresh” is turned on in Site Collection features (yes there really is an option). Bigger question, are you using an on-premise Project Server instance or Office 365 Project Online?

    I am certainly available to help if you want. I’m presenting a session on DIY reporting with Project Server/Online this Friday for the Twin Cities chapter so I’m pretty comfortable with reporting options. Feel free to ping me at lchristofaro@empsolutionpartners.com if you want to discuss further.

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    We are using a mix of everything which I assume is part of our issues but everyone is on Office 365. Most all resources are accessing their task list and completing their task via project on line with a Project lite license. Program managers as myself are using project pro on our local machines tied to the PWA thru a sharepoint connection. Basically I will start a new project in the web app, it creates an associated sharepoint site, but I do 90 % of project management thru project pro on my desktop.

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    Tried to send you an email but system says the email addy is incorrect

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    Larry Christofaro

    Project Online explains everything. I can help a lot with producing reports with Project Online. Sorry I misspelled my own email address. Let’s try this again: lchristofaro@epmsolutionpartners.com.

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    Error on activating “Project Web App Permission for Excel Web App Refresh”.

    Please help me out.


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