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    How do we represent the project revenue in MSP? What i see from the forum is that MSP is used to schedule the project with costs rolled up with activities. How can we represent the revenue against the material and activitiy usage and represent the revenue plan for the whole project portfolio?

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    I think this could help. Go to the View Menu in the Data group section click on tables and activate Cost. This shows you some data about the project regarding costs. This of course if you put the info about cost before.

    I hope its usefull

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    Great question.  MS Project’s sweetspot is tracking cost (along with scope and timeline), not revenue.  You might be able to provide some options with budget resources depending on your requirements but I suspect it will fall short fairly quickly.

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    Recently I was searching for a solution, to generate both Revenue and Costs from MSP.
    There seems to be a solution.

    Read “John-Project” replies between 6/7/8-Sep-14 in the below link..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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