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    I recommend using a tool called ‘Pert Chart Expert’. this tool helps in creating a project/program Derived critical path.

    So instead of using the regular MS Project calculated critical path, Pert chart allows you to pick a point in your schedule and run a back trace from that point. This is great especially when managing large complex program in which your end point is not necessarily the end point of the schedule, and you want to be able to measure your critical path from other points than the calculated critical path..

    I use that tool and find it very helpful.

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    I have used the PERT capabilities on projects I have had in the past.  However, my current company uses MS Project Server extensively to not only schedule our efforts but to manage a large pool of team members.  Our efforts are highly creative in nature (web development), and largely effort-based, rather than duration based.  It has been my experience that the PERT functionality only works with duration.  I am playing around with methods to translate those entries into a PERT entry, but I would really love to have PERT in nmy schedule for effort instead of duration.  Has anyone one else done this?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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