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Resource assigned shifts after status date while tracking in MSP

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    Hi, while tracking a resource loaded schedule in MSP 2013, for instance an activity A has an start date of 1 Feb-20 with duration of 6 days, consider this activity has started on 1feb20 but not completed.

    Now I fix the status date on 10 Feb-20 & as activity A hasnt completed & still requires 3 more days from 10-Feb-20.

    So I give remaining duration of 3 days in the remaining duration column & i reschedule it.

    The Activity A has 120hrs of labours assigned, so as per original duration of 6 days it is 20 hrs / day.

    But when you enter actual start as 1 feb -20 & remaining duration of 3 days on 10feb20, all resource moves after status date

    ie instead of having 120hrs from 1feb20 to 13 feb20, that 120 hrs starts from 11feb20 & completes on 13Feb20 as per the remaining duration

    Do not know why this shift happens.

    It will be really helpful if someone gives solution for this.

    Thanks in advance

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    Larry Christofaro

    Guyathry, I mostly follow your question and believe you are mixing duration and work. You are setting remaining duration and then rescheduling work…?? I assume when you say reschedule the task you are using the reschedule remaining work option but that’s not obvious. Give that a test and let me know if that helps or if I’m missing something.

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    Hello Larry,

    Let me explain it further,
    Activity A
    Start Date – 1 Feb20
    Finish Date – 6 Feb 20
    Duration – 6Days
    Resource – Work – 120 Hrs
    My Resource spreads from 1 Feb 20 to 6 Feb 20 in Resource Usage sheet ie 20hrs for each day

    Now i Fix Baseline,
    Baseline Start Date – 1 Feb20
    Baseline Finish Date – 6 Feb 20

    Then I Set Status Date as 10 Feb 20 & Click Update Project using ” Rescheduling Uncompleted Task to Start after 10Feb 20 – For selected Task”

    Now For Activity A, I give actual start as 1Feb 20 & Remaining Duaration as 3 Days
    ie from status date of 10 Feb20 another 3 more days, software considers

    Now ur Actual Start is 1 Feb 20 & Finish Column shows 13 Feb20 in Gant Chart Sheet

    Now I go to Resource Usage sheet & Find all My resources that were spread from 1 Feb 20 to 6 Feb 20 before, has started only from 11 Feb 20 & got spread till 13 Feb 20 ie 3 days of remaining duration that was given.

    Actually, the software should have taken the spread from 1 Feb 20 to 13 Feb 20, why didnt this happen

    Now I guess I have put in detail.


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    Larry Christofaro

    I believe your issue is that you never provide any actual work/duration. You have an actual start. When you enter remaining duration Project takes that duration from the Stop date, which is currently the same as the start date and assigns the task 3 days. I believe what you are wanting to do is to extend the duration, enter an actual duration, and then remaining duration. Note the status date doesn’t come into play when you are managing tasks unless you set appropriate settings. Hope that helps. You are doing a lot with this task and need to tell Project what you want each step of the way.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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