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    Sandy S

    I’ve been searching the web trying to find information on Scheduling and Project Certifications/Credentials. Perhaps the most obvious is the PMI-SP credential. Now, I have seen companies offer “Green Belt Scheduling Training” and I can’t find more details about it. Has anyone heard of this credential?

    For those that DO have credentials, which one(s) did you choose and why?

    Thank you so very much,


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    Larry Christofaro

    Good questions. I’m not the expert but can maybe help a little. The biggest question of course is what do you want people to know you for. There is the Microsoft Project certification. I’ve heard the PMI SP certification isn’t one of their more popular but again, what position are you looking for? If you are looking specifically to be a scheduler then it can be helpful for you. If you are looking to show as an expert in Microsoft Project then go for that. IIL has Microsoft Project training that they refer as belts. I found this page that introduces their project training: http://www.iil.com/catalog.asp?cat=14&parent=5 I’ve heard they are good but have not gone through them. Hope that helps…

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    Sandy S

    Thanks Larry! Appreciate the response. It wasn’t that I was looking to receive credentials, it’s who I hire. I have an opportunity to hire a “green belt certified” scheduler or a “non-belt” scheduler? They appear to both have similar experience and knowledge except that one was green-belt and one was not. I was trying to figure out what this credential means.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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