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    I’m fairly new to MS2010, but have used MSProject for several years. I have a project with multiple vendors and a lot of integrated testing…I’m trying to figure out a way to show some high level tasks for each (like SIT Begins, SIT Ends, etc.) on a calendar format. I’ve set up a flag and created a filter for these tasks (roughly 80 over 3 months), but I still can’t get it to work.

    I’ve tried selecting the calendar view the editing it to use my new flag…it picks up some but for others it seems to ignore them and does not display them. Can you help? There has to be a way to do this without spreadsheets and typing everything into another source.

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    So I found a way to do this – its a bit roundabout but it works.

    First you have to filter out the tasks you want to display. I did it by creating a column/custom field (text1 for example) and called it Work Group. For you, add in this column HLT (high level tasks) on the tasks you want to display. Right click on the header and choose the “Group” option, click on the filter icon and uncheck “blank”. Now you have the items for your display.

    Unfortunately what I had to do is copy these tasks into a new project file and then select Calendar in the View section on the Task tab. And there it is.

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    Hi Terry

    I tried the following with success:

    1.       Create and insert your Text1 Field into the Gantt Entry View

    2.       Identify your high level tasks by entering   Y   next to them in the Text1 Field

    3.       Go To the Calendar View

    4.       Select the View Tab

    5.       In the Data Group / select the Filter Menu / select New Filter

    6.       Name your New Filter

    7.        In the And/Or column select AND

    8.       In the Filter Name column select Text1

    9.       In the Test column select contains

    10.   In the Value column type  Y

    11.   Apply or Save  

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    I don’t like pluging products in this forum, but there is an inexpensive add-on to Project that would be just what you need for this.  Google “One Pager Pro”.  You can get a couple of weeks trial for free to see if it is what you need.  Pretty cheap to get and I use it quite a lot.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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