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    Kellyn Howes

    Hi All
    Is there anything built in to msproject 2016/2017 that you can run to show all activities or line items that are linked into a deliverable or milestone? I was thinking the network diagram would be the best option or maybe a bespoke report is needed in excel?
    I’d be interested in knowing what people might use?
    Thanks in advance

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    Thomas Boyle

    Have you tried using the Task Path Bar Styles (on the Format ribbon for the Gantt Chart)? It’s kind of the standard answer to this question. There are no built-in filters that correspond to the bar styles, but you can find macros that will build them for you. (I’ve shared a couple on my blog.)
    Good luck

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    Miles Goodchild

    There is no function in MSP to specifically do this however you can set the deadline to be the same as the finish and then use Total Slack to see all the items which are driving the milestone. This will only show the critical path for the milestone. However if you set the deadline a long way in the past you will capture all the items as they’ll all be “critical”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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