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    I am using MSOP 2003 standard.  I need the analyze timescaled data to also export a couple of text fields.  I need text 1, Text 3 and the task name and the timescaled months for each task.  Anyone know how/if this can be done?
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    Hi Cheryl,
    It has been a long time since I have done anything in 2003 but I am recalling that 2003 has an export wizard and you should be able to create a new map there that exports the fields you need.  Let me know if my recollection is correct.
    Collin Quiring
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    Hi Collin,
    Thanks for your reply.  I am trying to extract the Task usage view from project to excel.  There is an analyze time scaled data, however, 2003 is not flexable in allowing you to select Text fields.  Guess this would call for VBA.  We are a very small gov’t contractor and we trying to use the tool for our proposals as well as monthly EVM reporting.  This reporting requires WBS level by month.
    Are you running 2007?  If so can I accomplish this in the 07 version and how can I do this?  I would also like  the capability to export the task usage with and without the assignment (resources) in the view.
    Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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    Hi again Cheryl,
    The 2007 product is definitely more flexible than the 2003 product and I just looked at the "save as" Excel map in 2007 to confirm that you can send text fields.  There are a number of more "easy to use" abilities of 2007 over 2003 so  Iwould think it worth the upgrade.  Of course, now that 2010 is out, I would suggest that if you have to pay for a new license anyways.  But, 2007 should accomplish what you are wanting much more easily.
    You might try the "save as" in 2003 as an Excel file and see if that brings up a map for you to select your own fields.  I had to remove 2003 last month from my computer (and we don’t have it on our servers anymore either) when I went to 2010 so I can’t test that product anymore.  Sorry.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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