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TimeSheet has Actuals entered for current and past weeks that I did not fill in

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    John Murphy

    I activated Timesheet in my production site.

    I am seeing that Project Server is filling in actuals matching my planned time for my current and previous weeks.

    Why and how do I stop that?


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    John Murphy

    Ok I read more on the internet …

    Project Online is filling in my hours because I set the task to 100%. We are using Percent Complete Tracking Method.

    I prefer that Project Online did not do this … However do I stop it?


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    The problem is most likely related to how you allow task updates. If you are allowing task updates via multiple means (timesheets, % complete, etc.) this is where the problem is occurring. The short solution answer is to only allow task updates via timesheets or single entry mode.
    If you allow tasks to be updated by % Complete, project will do the following. Lets assume you have a 3 week task that is 120 hours of work. It starts today, Monday. On Friday you update the task to 50% complete (which tells Project that 60 hours of work is done). With that update, Project does the following. It adds actual work from task start thru Friday at 8 hours each day to match the planned work. That accounts for 40 of the 60 hours of work completed. Since there is 20 hours of completed work left, Project starts filling future days with actual work to match the planned until all the 60 hours are accounted for. Meaning, it adds 8 hours of actual work to Monday and Tuesday and then 4 hours of actual work to Wednesday to account for the remaining 20 actual hours. As a result, there is now future actual hours in a task that will also appear in the timesheet next week.
    Project also contains bugs that will on occasion create future actual hours. Some of these have been fixed in past CUs. I would suggest looking at a topic called “Broken Tasks in the Future” that appeared about 2-3 months ago in this forum.
    Hope this helps

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    John Murphy


    I have my instance set up using % Complete for reporting task completion and force PMs to use that method. I have not checked Single Entry Mode because I want PMs to be able to set the % Complete in their project tasks given we do not have ALL team members with access to Project Online.

    I will read up on the topic that you suggested.


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    Unfortunately, until you go to single entry mode, you are exposed for exactly what is occurring. This is because you are allowing multiple ways to update actuals. One method via timesheets and a second method where the tool calculates what will be placed in the actual work cells of the timescale data. If the second method is used, timesheet users may open timesheets and see pre-filled entries.

    One additional item I will note.
    Single Entry mode only applies to enterprise resources. It’s not as locked down as you might think based on the option documentation.

    For example, a task with only local resources assigned can be updated using the %Complete icons in the Task ribbon. But if one enterprise resource is assigned to the same task, the %Complete icons become disabled and the PM would need to update assignment rows directly for the local resources and the enterprise resource would have to submit updates via timesheets.

    If you have a test instance, I’d suggest turning on Single Entry mode and experimenting. It took our company several rounds of “playing” to get a feel for what Single Entry does and doesn’t allow.

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    John Murphy


    Thanks once again!

    I will play with it my my test instance.


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    I am having a similar problem but I am using Single Entry mode. The client is a little different wherein users assign themselves to the tasks and are not assigned by project managers. Every project is created using one of five different project plan templates. A user enters their time into their timesheet by adding the task to their timesheet. Their timesheet is also auto approved. The issue that I see happening is when they add a task to their timesheet and then don’t add any hours and then remove it from their timesheet so it does not show up anymore then the actual hours is automatically calculated based on the number of weeks that the task was assigned to the timesheet. This seems crazy that it is happening even with Single Entry mode turned on. The timesheet hours and timesheet reports are correct by the actuals on the project plan are wrong. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

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