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    I turned off Top Level Time Reporting in PWAServer SettingsTimesheet Settings & Defaults and now find I have a problem with new project tasks being available to insert into a timesheet.  I’m wondering if this a coincidence in timing and I just discovered a new issue, or do you cause problems when turning off top level time reporting?

    If I turn Top Level Time Reporting back on the new project tasks still don’t feed to the timesheet, so I’m thinking that we have another unrelated issue going on with task feeds to PWA.

    Has anyone else had a problem when turning off Top Level Time Reporting?

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    The two features are not related.  Are you sure that the two happened at the same time and with no additional changes?  If so I might suggest reversing the change and see what you get.  Let me know what you come up with.  Thanks…

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    Thanks for the quick response, Larry — I was hoping that was the answer because it didn’t seem like I could cause any harm in turning off the top level reporting.  I did reverse that change and it didn’t fix anything, so I put it back in place (as we don’t want anyone to report time at the top level).

    I don’t actually know when the issue of adding tasks/resources to projects quit flowing to timesheets — I just happened to notice the problem when I tested turning off time level reporting last week.

    I’ve added tasks many times in the past with no issues flowing to timesheets, so I sent a note to our HelpDesk to see if they made any server changes in the past few weeks that could affect my security.  (Note: Last week I also found that our cubes had quit building on their nightly schedule, but our HelpDesk restarted the server this AM and that fixed the issue — however it didn’t fix my task flow to timesheets.  Something is odd…)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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