Understanding and Managing Uncertainty in Schedules

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There are varying degrees of uncertainty associated with everything we do. Alarm clocks are generally more predictable than our drive to work while that drive is often more predictable than say software development. Individually the uncertainty can be managed but the picture becomes a lot more complex when multiple tasks are occurring at the same time. What does trying to manage multiple tasks do to your chance of success? This presentation will look at how some simple simulations can assess the impact of uncertainty and produce far more realistic forecasts for the future. This reduces management effort, saves money and leads to happier clients.

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Presenter Info:

John Owen is vice president of operations at Barbecana, an industry leader in the development of software products that help companies validate and assure that their project schedules comply with best practices and to better understand the impact of uncertainty. John has over 30 years of experience with project management software. After managing a computer department dedicated to project scheduling in the oil and gas industry, John joined Welcom as European Technical Director in 1986 where he was responsible for product management of the Open Plan Schedule and Risk Analysis tool before he assumed the position of vice president of development in 2003. After the acquisition of Welcom by Deltek in 2006, John ultimately assumed the role of Director of Products and Strategy for schedule and risk products. To learn more about Barbecana’s advanced, fast, and cost effective tools for risk and schedule analysis, visit www.barbecana.com; or call +1 (281) 971-9825.

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Written by John Owen

John Owen, CEO Barbecana Inc.

Owen joined Barbecana as Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and assumed the role of President and CEO in 2019.  Owen has extensive experience of both project management and software development.  Previous positions have included VP Development for Welcom, Senior Director for Product Management at Deltek, and Manager for Computerized Project Management at Worley Engineering.

Owen’s interests include Land Rovers, Smart Homes, and DIY projects around the house.

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  2. David, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at jowen@barbecana.com. Thanks for watching. John

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