Upcoming Webinar Series: Project for the web – Beginner and Advanced Topics

In the new year, Erik van Hurck is presenting a three-part webinar series about Microsoft’s Project for the web. We will start with a beginner-level exploration of Project for the web, walking step by step through fundamentals, and highlighting the latest features. The following two webinars will address intermediate and advanced topics.  

Erik van Hurck has monitored the rise of Project for the web and subsequent updates ever since it was first presented. You can find near monthly update videos on his YouTube channel, and he explores new feature requests on his blog.

Session 1 (Beginner): What does Project for the web do?

In this session, Erik will share the current state of Project for the web. You will learn how to create a project, change default settings and add custom values. A part of this webinar will be dedicated to showcasing the latest features added by Microsoft.

Ideal for people new to Project for the web and Junior Project Managers.

Session 2 (intermediate): Who is Project for the web for?

How does Microsoft position Project for the web compared to the other Microsoft products? Who will benefit most from Project for the web? What is needed for Project for the web in an enterprise setting? These questions will be discussed in this webinar session. There might not be a one size fits all enterprise solution, so Erik will welcome your input during the webinar.

Ideal for users of earlier Microsoft project management software (such as Microsoft Project, Planner, and Project Online/Server), portfolio and program managers.

Session 3 (advanced): How does Project for the web fit into the larger Microsoft picture?

Project for the web is a modern application, which means that it’s possible to extend the core functionality.

How does Project for the web interact with the power platform? Can we interact with Project for the web using Microsoft Teams? What are some best practices?

Ideal for IT solution architects, senior project managers, portfolio and program managers.

We hope you will join us for the webinars that best fit your position, needs and curiosities about Microsoft Project for the web.

Register here for the beginner session on January 11.

Register here for the intermediate session on January 18.

Register here for the advanced session on January 25

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