Using Microsoft Project Apps to Build an Effective Schedule in 7 Easy Steps

Presentation Description

Building an effective project schedule does not have to be hard! In this engaging webinar you will learn how following a series of 7 simple steps will produce a Microsoft Project schedule that aligns with industry standards and best practices. In addition, you will learn how Microsoft Project Apps can make you a more effective project manager.

Learning Objectives

During this event, students will learn…

  1. Project setup
  2. Build the WBS
  3. Complete the dependency network
  4. Set deadlines and constraints
  5. Assign resources
  6. Estimate effort
  7. Level resources
  8. Perform quality checks with Microsoft Project Apps

Speaker Bio

Terry Kneeburg, PMP, MCITP, MCTS
Terry has more than 25 years combined experience in product development, project management, and consulting. He has been working with the Microsoft Project Server platform since 2004. Terry is passionate about helping clients achieve success in managing their project portfolios, delivering to companies in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Transportation, State and Local Government, Energy, Technology, Insurance, and Pharmaceuticals. He has conducted training classes for project managers, administrators, portfolio managers, and team members.

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