Video Recording: 2014 Vendor Showcase Day 2

Manage Projects on SharePoint 2013

The Versatile Company

Technology can be a platform for building project management maturity. See an example of a complete project management framework integrated into SharePoint. Eric Verzuh has merged his Fast Forward MBA in Project Management into SharePoint to make a powerful, practical way to manage projects.

Create Birds on a Wire Schedules Easily from Your MS Project Schedule

KIDASA Software, Inc. 

Want to know more about Birds on a Wire schedules? Learn about using the power of Milestones Professional to transform your Microsoft Project files into easily presentable schedules.

Understand the Differences Between Critical Chain and Critical Path Scheduling

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

During this event,understand the differences between critical chain and critical path scheduling, why would we care about critical chain scheduling, and then some key success factors in successfully implementing CCPM (critical chain project management).

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