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Beyond Macros Revisited – Automating Microsoft Project for Non-Techies

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Ira Brown, a recognized Microsoft Project expert, will deliver this fun and informative presentation that will provide you with an understanding of how Microsoft Project can use automation to interact with other Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You don’t need to be a programmer to attend this session, as the presentation and examples are geared toward the business user. This session provides practical, real-world illustrations for solving common business challenges a user faces when working with Microsoft Project and other Office applications.

Using Microsoft Project Apps to Build an Effective Schedule in 7 Easy Steps

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Building an effective project schedule does not have to be hard! In this engaging webinar you will learn how following a series of 7 simple steps will produce a Microsoft Project schedule that aligns with industry standards and best practices. In addition, you will learn how Microsoft Project Apps can make you a more effective project manager.

Modelling Risk and Uncertainty in Schedules


All projects are subject to some risk and uncertainty. This session will review how these factors can be modeled in our project schedules and how this information can be used to both understand critical areas of the project (which may not be the critical path) and enhance the schedule to improve the overall chance of project success (defined as on time and to budget).

How to Increase Microsoft Project Server ROI with Dynamic Reallocation


Despite significant investments in PPM, unreliable planning, cost overruns and project failures results in companies losing up to 46% of the planned business value from their project portfolios. Strategic PMOs are going beyond annual planning and implementing a Dynamic Reallocation framework to realize more ROI from their project investments. Attend this session to learn how digitalizing investment planning and controls across the PPM life-cycle provides the insights PMO’s need to measure the economic impact of under-performing projects, and proactively reallocate funds to optimize spend and maximize ROI across the portfolio.

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