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Webinar: Digging Deeper – Learning More about Task Types

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):

This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical Category of the Talent Triangle.

Presentation Description

The Task Type option in Microsoft Project 2010 is often a confusing topic for many users of the software. In the final presentation of the four-part “Digging Deeper” series of MPUG webinars, the “Learning More about Task Types” presentation will help you to understand the purpose of the Task Type setting, and understand the behavior of this setting as we create and manage our project schedules. This presentation will include the following topics:

  • Understanding the Purpose of Task Type
  • Specifying a Task Type Value
  • Changing the Default Task Type Setting for New Tasks
  • Changing the Task Type Setting for Multiple Tasks
  • Recommendations for Using Each Task Type
  • Using Fixed Units Tasks
  • Using Fixed Work Tasks
  • Using Fixed Duration Tasks
  • Understanding the Behavior of Task Types
  • Understanding How Programming Biases Affect Task Types
  • How Task Types Interact with Remaining Work Adjustments
  • How Task Types Interact with Actual Finish Dates

Dale Howard

Dale Howard is the Director of Education for Sensei Project Solutions. He is in his 14th year of serving as a Microsoft Project MVP (or Most Valuable Professional) and is currently one of only 64 Microsoft Project MVPs in the entire world. Dale is the co-author of 21 books on Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. He works out of his home in Wildwood, Missouri (a west suburb of St. Louis).

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Written by Dale Howard

Dale Howard is currently a Senior PPM Consultant with Arch Systems, Inc. His hair and beard have turned white because of using Microsoft’s project management tools for more than 20 years. Dale started his career using Microsoft Project 4.0 for Windows 95 and began using Microsoft’s PPM tools when they introduced Project Central in 2000. Dale is the co-author of 23 books in Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. He is currently one 0f 26 Microsoft Project MVPs in the entire world and one of only 4 Project MVPs in the United states.

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    Another excellent presentation by Dale.


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