WebNLearn: Automate Your Project Reports Using Power BI – 2 of 3

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Event Description:

Every Project Manager needs to provide regular project status reports, and let’s face it, it’s not the most rewarding part of the job! In these 3 sessions I’ll demonstrate how you can use Power BI to automate your reporting process providing you with more time to do what you really enjoy, Project Management!

Session 2: We’ll discuss how to cleanse our existing data, and derive new data values (for example creating a “late” status for tasks). We’ll also look at adding in additional data sources, and how we can link the additional data sources to the existing ones. We’ll build multi-page reports.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to cleanse existing data
  • Derive new data values
  • How to link additional data sources to existing ones

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This webinar is worth 1 Business Acumen credit

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WebNLearn: Automate Your Project Reports Using Power BI - 3 of 3

Written by Ben Howard
Ben Howard – Awarded Community Leader for his very popular and comprehensive UK web training series and has over 30 years of experience of implementing enterprise solutions for customers worldwide.  During that time, he’s worked for IBM, DELL, and Microsoft, as well as several smaller organisations. He now runs his own consultancy (Applepark Ltd), providing Project, Project Online and Power BI implementation and training services. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Value Professional award for Project for the last 13 years, blogs semi-frequently at www.applepark.co.uk, produces video training for Pluralsight and his own YouTube channel, and finally was responsible for producing P2O, an application that exports tasks from Microsoft Project into Outlook.  You can catch him at ben@applepark.co.uk  
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