WebNLearn: Now You See It! Microsoft Project Visualization Magic

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Event Description:

When you open a large Microsoft Project plan, it’s often difficult to understand the details and complexities of the schedule. During this fun and informative session, Ira Brown – an industry leader and recognized Microsoft Project expert – will demonstrate some of the visualization capabilities of Microsoft Project that help you quickly see the information for which you’re looking.

In this webinar, Ira will discuss Microsoft Project features such as the following that can be used to highlight critical project information:

  • Font and text styles
  • Zoom in/Zoom out functionality
  • Highlighting summary tasks
  • Gantt bar formatting
  • Graphical indicators
  • Shading columns in a view
  • Making fields ‘read only’
  • Macro automation, and more!

This session is geared toward the Microsoft Project business user, rather than a technical programmer, providing practical, real-world examples for solving the common challenges a user faces when working with Microsoft Project, especially with larger projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to use Microsoft Project fonts and text styles to highlight key focus areas
  • How to highlight summary tasks in Microsoft Project
  • How to use graphical indicators
  • How to format Gantt Charts in Microsoft Project
  • How to make fields “read only” and why this is important for Project Managers

If you are interested in receiving documents or the PowerPoint from this presentation, please reach out to Ira Brown at ira.brown@projectwidgets.com

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Written by Ira Brown

Ira Brown is a leader in the field of project management and a recognized Microsoft Project expert, Project Widgets is well-known for offering add-on products for Microsoft Project and Project Online, as well as for creating custom solutions that meet their client’s unique business requirements.  This company continues to extend the scope and breadth of their offerings, thereby increasing the value they provide to customers, by creating Microsoft Project solutions that are tailored to an organization’s unique needs.  They even have several free, downloadable widgets available on their website that you can begin using right away.

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