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This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.

Event Description:

In this fast-paced introduction, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Microsoft Project Master Schedules but were afraid to ask. In over 10 years of developing tools and providing services to clients with Master Schedules, Dan Friedrich has become (whether he wanted to or not!) the Master Schedule “Whisperer,” helping organizations with some of the largest Master Schedules ever created (eight levels of Masters nesting, anyone?) to clean up any issues with their Master Schedules, visualize them, consolidate and refactor them, and adopt practices to keep them running clean. He’ll cover topics such as:

• When and why should you use Master Schedules in the first place?
• How to avoid doing things “behind Project’s back” that Project would block as a schedule conflict if it “saw” it
• How to create a circular reference in five minutes or less (yes, he will make one before your very eyes)
• When should you be using 64-bit Project EXCLUSIVELY (but almost nobody does)
• The importance of understanding — and respecting — project interdependencies
• How to think about Master Schedule modular structure options, and when you should refactor them
• Eskimos have 20 words for “snow” and Dan has 20 words for “bad external link”: How can you maintain clean links?
• What’s the difference between working with a Master stand-alone vs. on Project Server or Project Online?

Presenter Info:
Dan Friedrich is President of MPUG Chicago, and CEO/CTO of Friedrich, Klatt and Associates, a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner named Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year in 2007 for Enterprise Project Management for an Earned Value Data Mart solution. His firm’s products include a Microsoft Project Server / Project Online Business Intelligence package that auto-adapts its business Cube to the customer’s deployment and comes with over 150 Dashboards; and a Microsoft Project Pro add-in with a Swiss Army Knife of tools for managing Master Schedules. The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 firms with some of the largest Project Server implementations, NASA, the Department of Energy, international consulting firms, and many of the largest US defense and aerospace contractors. Working with these clients on some of the largest Master Schedules ever created has given him a front-row seat to the real-world challenges and best practices. Dan’s avocation is comedy sketch writing, directing, and performing, and he is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and Improv Olympic. His latest show is “If Anyone Was Offended: Campaign 2016.”

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