What’s New? Project Management News: August Edition

Treasury & Risk Announces their 23rd Annual Alexander Hamilton Award

On their website last week, Treasury and Risk put out a call for organizations who have completed “an innovative project in the realm of treasury, finance, or risk management.” The deadline is August 30, 2018 to be consideration for their 23rd Annual Alexander Hamilton Award in one of at least seven categories.

In the past, these awards have recognized a variety of organizations, from midsize domestic businesses to some of the world’s largest companies. As the article states, winners of last year’s awards range from Microsoft to OpenText, Anthem to Herc Rentals to the U.S. Postal Service.

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PM “Flag Method” to be Featured in New Book

Just a few weeks ago in July, a Connecticut-based design teacher, Phil Lohmeyer, published his first book entitled WAVE THE FLAG: Project Management with Mr. Lohmeyer’s Design Flags. As announced by ReleaseWire, the publication features a 16-step project management system based on flag designs. According to Mr. Lohmeyer himself, “Design Flags allow you to break your project down, then build it back up while inventing your own cause.” He also says that his fundamental steps can help you tackle any project!

The Whitby School teacher created his “Design Flag system” with just cardstock, pencils, and markers. A few months later, he rolled out his ideas to a group of 8th graders planning a logo contest. The rest is history…or is it? What do you think?

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Wrike Blog Post Explores the Need for Creatives to Automate their Processes

Michael Lowe, writer for Wrike’s blog, reveals results of a recent survey and explores the “stressful” environment of content being produced at a faster rate than ever before. He states that this fact results in an environment where, in order to remain competitive, creatives must either create more or more effective content. In summary, we learn that it is likely creative teams are feeling the pressure to not only produce quantity, but also quality.

Growing pains like inefficient processes and poor cross-team communication mean people are spending more time looking at project scope and less time creating, but perhaps automation can help, at least in terms of managing day to day operations more efficiently? What do you think?

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  1. Hello MPUG.com, thank you for featuring my new book, “WAVE THE FLAG: Project Managment with Mr. Lohmeyer’s Design Flags,” on your site! Anyone interested in this new project management tool can email me at phil@lohmeyerdesign.com… I would be happy to help walk your new or existing project idea through these Design Flags, in order to create maximum impact! Thank you once again! -Phil

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