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What’s New? Microsoft Project News: June Edition

PMI Reports Organizations Facing Disruptive Technology

Wikipedia defines the business term, “disruptive technology,” as an innovation that creates a new market or value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products, and alliances. Project Management Institute (PMI) has released a new report showing that 91 percent of organizations are feeling the impact of disruptive technologies. Even those that are not currently experiencing the impact are preparing for disruptive technologies to change their business over the next five years.

From the article published on May 24th, “From cloud and AI to IOT and block chain, digital disruption is changing the way work is done, providing an opportunity for innovative organizations to drive a competitive advantage.” What do you think? Has your organization experienced this? What tried and true project management practices can be relied on to thrive during these times of change?

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Are Microsoft Job Postings Telling a Story?

Speaking of AI and other new technologies, we’ve seen Microsoft publish several job openings looking for candidates to work on features for an AI chip in the last few months. One has to wonder if MS is beginning to more seriously consider the competition of Amazon and Google. Perhaps they are working towards a full-featured cloud? Either way, it is likely the company has no choice but to get more serious about its AI services for businesses.

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Greenbiz.com Highlights Microsoft’s Underwater Efforts

In an article posted on Greenbiz.com, we learn that Microsoft is investing more resources in building an underwater data center that cools itself by being immersed under the ocean. They’ve been working on the project, called “Natick,” for about four years, and recently, as part of Phase 2, submerged over 800 computer services off the coast of Scotland. The computer servers will remain under water for one year, as researchers collect data on power consumption, internal humidity, and temperature. Photos of the data center containing the servers and its submersion can be viewed on the company’s website.

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Congratulations to Sensei Project Solutions

For the fourth time in five years, Sensei Project Solutions has been recognized as a finalist for the 2018 Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Award. Winners are chosen in several categories each year from a pool of over 2,600 entrants. In a press release dated June 12, 2018, we learned that Sensei was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Specifically noted was their work with global clients, Alaska Federal Credit Union and Melbourne Water. Dale Howard, Director of Education for Sensei Project Solutions, is a regular contributor to MPUG.

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