Where’s My Group Field Name?

Recently I was building an old standard view in a new project. The view spec displayed the grouped custom field name in the group bar. When I grouped by Work Area (Fig. 1), the field name disappeared (Fig. 2)!

When I asked a couple of proficient users, what am I doing wrong? They gave a couple possible explanations. One thought was that Project versions were different and the feature changed. Then we thought that the old view may be corrupted and was not displaying properly; and to refresh the view with a new setup!

When I copied the view from someone whose view displayed the way I wanted, with the field name on the group-bar; I immediately realized what was different! It wasn’t that the Project versions were different, nor an issue of view corruption. It is the fact that when a Lookup is applied to a grouped field, Project ignores the field name. If I suspend the lookup, by selecting the “None” radio button (Fig. 3), I get the field name I expected (Fig. 4)!

Now I know why my Group Field Name disappeared!

Figure 1. Grouped Field (Text1) with Custom attributes – Lookup Table

Figure 2. Group Custom Field (Text1) with Custom attributes – no group field name showing on bar

Figure 3. Custom Fields with Custom attributes set to None

Figure 4. Group Custom Field (Text1) with No Custom attributes – field name showing on bar

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