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You’re Fired — Or, Um, Unscheduled!


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I had a project manager once who was also in charge of putting out the work schedules for the part-time employees. (I guess the company decided that since a PM could schedule work, he could also do the job of scheduling shift work.) Whenever they decided to lay off, fire or downsize somebody, the way he “communicated” it was to just not put that part-time employee’s name on the next week’s work schedule.



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  1. My MS in Project Management class was full of people who could manage the heck out of projects through sheer force of will and hard work, but were very poor communicators.

  2. I was teaching a class at a large company a few months ago when I was asked to sit in a break room for 15 minutes while there was a whole company conf. call. After the call I was told that people would be watching their email between 2 & 4 that afternoon to see if they received a layoff notice. If they made it until 4 without an email, they had jobs. By 3:30 they told me to go home and that many in the room would not be in class the next day. Ouch!!


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