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3 Tips: Autofilter, Entry Bar and the Timeline View

1. Use the autofilter (the small down arrow to the right of the column name) on the Start and Finish columns to see tasks by timeframe. Then filter for specific resources. Apply outline level 1 to collapse the detail.

2. Here’s a useful option: File > Options > Display. The lowest option is “Entry Bar.” Clicking it will show help in field editing and will appear below the ribbon bar.

3. The Timeline view is best when shown using Summary and Milestone tasks only.

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Written by Ellen Lehnert

Ellen Lehnert, PMP, Microsoft Project MVP, MCP, is a independent consultant and trainer on Microsoft Project and Project Server. She has taught Microsoft Project over 400 times and is the author of  MS Project 2010 and

2013 published courseware. Ellen is also a contributor and tech editor for many reference books, a developer for the Microsoft Project certification tests and is a frequent meeting speaker for Microsoft, MPUG and PMI. Contact Ellen at ellen@lehnertcs.com.

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