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Trusted by Over 700K Enterprise Project Managers Worldwide  |  PMI® ATP and Microsoft Industry Association for 15+ Years

  • This course is for our advanced Microsoft Project practitioners who want to certify their knowledge. Join us through advanced modules, building on your core competencies.
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  • Whether you are an advanced Microsoft Project user or brand new to Project, this course covers all of the Microsoft Project fundamentals and more! Throughout the six modules, users will learn tips, tricks and best practices from our experts. Certify your knowledge of Microsoft Project with our core course today!
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  • Take Course Build upon the Scheduling Professional skills you learned during our Core Scheduling Practitioner course. These advanced courses will round out your education, diving deeper into the essential areas and/or teaching new concepts. MPUG Advanced Scheduling Practitioner certification awarded upon course completion.
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  • Take Course Harness your Scheduling Professional skills with the artfully crafted Core Scheduling Practitioner course. Each of the six modules will take you through scheduling essentials that are fundamental to building your professional career. MPUG Core Scheduling Practitioner certification awarded upon course completion.
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