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Ronald Smith

About: Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith has 45 years’ experience as Senior PM/Program Manager. He is retired from IBM having written four books and published about three dozen articles on project Management and the systems development life cycle (SDLC). My third article (Independent Testing) for PMI's PMNetwork magazine is scheduled to be published in 2019. He’s been a member of PMI since 1998 and evaluates articles submitted to PMI's Knowledge Shelf Library for potential acceptance. Since 2011, Ronald has been an Adjunct Professor for a Master of Science in Technology program and taught project management courses at the University of Houston’s College of Technology. Teaching from his own book, Project Management Tools and Techniques - A Practical Guide, Ronald offers a perspective on project management that reflects his many years of experience. He is scheduled to begin teaching in 2019 at his alma mater, Houston Baptist University (HBU).

All Articles and Webinars by Ronald Smith

Project Portfolio Selection Using NPV (Part 1)

Written on February 18, 2019, by

Turning the whole system into something greater than the sum of its parts   A crucial part of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the selection of projects. This is an ongoing dynamic process. In the following two part article, I will be demonstrating Net Present Value or NPV. PPM is simply managing your company’s resources….

An Agile Attitude: Part 2

Written on January 21, 2019, by

In Part 1, we looked at the history of Agile and the Waterfall vs. Agile model. Now, I’d like to pick up where we left off and consider how MSP is adapting to more and more organizations implementing Agile.   A Short History of Microsoft Project (Or How MSP is Adapting to Agile) Microsoft Project…

An Agile Attitude: Part 1

Written on January 15, 2019, by

Implementing Agile can be challenging but rewarding Implementing Agile can be very challenging for many organizations (especially in Waterfall development cultures), but at the same time, it can be rewarding. This article covers a short history of Agile methodology, which became main stream this decade to rev up software development with a faster approach. It…

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