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Satya Narayan Dash

About: Satya Narayan Dash

Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, coach, and author of multiple books: I Want To Be a PMP, I Want To Be a RMP, and I Want To Be An ACP, as well as his latest one, I Want To Be A CAPM. With his leadership and guidance, over 1500 aspirants have successfully cracked PMP, ACP, RMP, and CAPM examinations – in fact, there are 80 documented success stories in detail on these certifications. Satya’s course "PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back" has made many successful PMPs, and he has created new management paradigms, including Practical PMP, Practical RMP, Agile PMP, hands-on Agile-related courses, and his recently launched “CAPM Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back." His web presence is at, and he can be contacted via email at  

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All Articles and Webinars by Satya Narayan Dash

The Twins – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management

Written on July 28, 2020, by

The following true story was shared in one of my classes by a senior manager from a global corporation in South Korea. The manager’s team had worked over six months and was gearing up for a firmware release with a specific set of features. The recently new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the organization participated…

The Big Picture with Story Map in Agile Development

Written on June 23, 2020, by

“I keep six honest serving-men, They taught me all I knew, Their names are What and Why and When, And How and Where and Who. I send them over land and sea, I send them east and west, But after they have worked for me, I give them all a rest.” – From the poem,…

Point of Total Assumption in Procurement Management

Written on May 19, 2020, by

Let’s say you awarded a contract of $1M to a vendor to deliver a critical component for your project. The contract with your vendor is set up with a fixed price, but you have incentivized the contact to get a better-quality component with good performance. As the manager of the project, you are currently witnessing…

A Deep Dive into Risk Matrix Reporting

Written on April 14, 2020, by

Working with projects, programs, and portfolios, generates a lot of data. For example, in project management you have data such as planned start, planned cost, planned story points, total number of risks, etc. That said, data on its own doesn’t give you or a stakeholder any real value. The real value comes when you analyze…

Understanding Velocity in Agile Approaches with MS Project

Written on March 3, 2020, by

There are certain questions that usually surface in almost every project regardless of the type, domain considered, technology used, complexities associated, or strategic significance. These questions are: When will the project be completed? What are the items you can deliver by the end of the project? What are the items the team can take for…

Webinar Recap: PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?

Written on February 13, 2020, by

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya Narayan Dash’s PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New? webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. You may wish to use this transcript for the purposes of self-paced learning, searching for specific information, and/or performing a quick review…

PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?

Written on February 5, 2020, by

  Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Strategic category of the Talent Triangle.   Event Description: The exposure draft for the standard part of new PMBOK Guide, 7th edition is now available. The current standard makes a radical shift from a process-based approach…

PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?

Written on January 27, 2020, by

The preparation for the new Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide, 7th edition is currently underway, and the Project Management Institute (PMI®) has made the draft for the standard part publicly available for comments. Yes, you can suggest your changes since January 15, 2020. The standard part of the guide makes a paradigm shift…

Product Prioritization Techniques in Agile Development

Written on January 7, 2020, by

Let’s consider two real-world scenarios. In one, a product manager is asked to work on the top priority items in his project’s product backlog for an upcoming iteration. The product manager replies, “It can’t be done because the business executives have set everything to be of top priority.” In a second situation, a few stakeholders…

Benefits Realization Management for Projects

Written on November 26, 2019, by

Let’s say an organization is taking initiative to build a Smart Website for its internal and external stakeholders which employs artificial intelligence (AI). Two project managers are shortlisted to manage the project. During a pre-project discussion meeting with business owners, organizational leaders, and other stakeholders, one project manager informs the group of the following: The…

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