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Satya Narayan Dash

About: Satya Narayan Dash

Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, coach, and author of multiple books: I Want To Be a PMP, I Want To Be a RMP, and I Want To Be An ACP, as well as his latest one, I Want To Be A CAPM. With his leadership and guidance, over 1500 aspirants have successfully cracked PMP, ACP, RMP, and CAPM examinations – in fact, there are 80 documented success stories in detail on these certifications. Satya’s course "PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back" has made many successful PMPs, and he has created new management paradigms, including Practical PMP, Practical RMP, Agile PMP, hands-on Agile-related courses, and his recently launched “CAPM Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass or Your Money Back." His web presence is at, and he can be contacted via email at  

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Product Prioritization Techniques in Agile Development

Written on January 7, 2020, by

Let’s consider two real-world scenarios. In one, a product manager is asked to work on the top priority items in his project’s product backlog for an upcoming iteration. The product manager replies, “It can’t be done because the business executives have set everything to be of top priority.” In a second situation, a few stakeholders…

Benefits Realization Management for Projects

Written on November 26, 2019, by

Let’s say an organization is taking initiative to build a Smart Website for its internal and external stakeholders which employs artificial intelligence (AI). Two project managers are shortlisted to manage the project. During a pre-project discussion meeting with business owners, organizational leaders, and other stakeholders, one project manager informs the group of the following: The…

Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners

Written on October 15, 2019, by

Two woodcutters were assigned to chop wood in a forest. Both formed a team and started early and earnestly. Although working a distance from each other, they felt the competition to produce the best results. On that first day, the first woodcutter heard his counterpart stop cutting before the day was really finished. He was…

What Should You Know about the PMP Exam 2020 Changes

Written on September 3, 2019, by

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) examination offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) is changing next year. PMI first made this announcement in June of 2019 and has made the new Examination Content Outline (ECO) available for aspiring PMPs.   Why the Change? Project management as a profession is increasing in complexity. It is evolving to…

Stories about Stories in Agile Development

Written on July 16, 2019, by

“The most powerful person in the world is the story teller.” – Attributed to Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple Inc. Nearly three decades ago, I remember my father taking me to a tailor’s shop for a pair of shorts to be worn as a high-school uniform. The tailor measured and made notes, and then he finally…

Up and Running MS Project and Jira with a Bridge

Written on May 28, 2019, by

Imagine the following situation: You’re working on a large-scale system integration project using MS Project as the project management tool, but a component team for this project has been using Jira for legacy reasons. You want to have your overall project plan, including this component team’s work, in MS Project, though the component team will…

Fundamentals of Project Risk Management Framework

Written on March 26, 2019, by

I’ve compared projects with living entities (like human beings), and the life cycle of a project with life cycle of a person. Similarly, the PMBOK guide, when expanded, is called project management body of knowledge or a body of knowledge for project management. Like every human being has a body which he or she needs…

Want To Be A Successful PMP? The Top 5 Things That You Must Do

Written on February 27, 2019, by

  Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.   Event Description: Zooming in: What it does take to be a successful PMP? Is it high intelligence or smartness or months of preparation? What makes some people successful as…

How to Be a Successful PMI-PMP

Written on February 15, 2019, by

During the end of January, I received a call from a person just leaving the PMI examination center. A few weeks before, another person had called…they too having just cleared the exam successfully. Both had used my book, I Want To Be A PMP or video course, PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass to clear…

Earned Schedule Management (ESM)

Written on February 5, 2019, by

Imagine the following scenario. You are working on a software implementation project, which has 10 modules to complete. The cost of each module is US$100,000, and you want to complete the project in 10 months. The project actually took 12 months to complete with a cost of US$1.3M. Because of regulatory compliance, you have to…

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