Author: Value Transformation

Transformation Corner is written by some members of Value Transformation all experienced project managers in a range of industries from government and construction to automotive product development, manufacturing, and IT. Our team members collectively have decades of experience. Experiences that we bring to this column.
• Steve Lauck
• Shawn P Quigley
• Jon M Quigley
• Rick Edwards
• Ashley Taylor Womble

Jon M. Quigley holds the PMP and CTFL certification with experience on a myriad of product development topics including process, quality and cost improvement techniques. He has nearly 30 years of product development experience, ranging from embedded hardware and software through verification and project management. Jon has won awards such as the Volvo-3P Technical Award in 2005 going on to win the 2006 Volvo Technology Award. Jon has secured seven US patents and a number of patents outside the US. Jon is co-authored more than 10 books on project management (including agile) and a variety of product development topics such testing and configuration management with CRC Press, Redwood Collaborative Media, as well as SAE International. See his LinkedIn profile for details. He has also contributed to numerous other works including the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering.

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