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Build upon the Scheduling Professional skills you learned during our Core Scheduling Practitioner course. These advanced courses will round out your education, diving deeper into the essential areas and/or teaching new concepts. MPUG Advanced Scheduling Practitioner certification awarded upon course completion.

Advanced Principles and Concepts

In this section you will cover the two-pass technique with MS Project, business benefits of mature scheduling practices and evolved proactive scheduling.


Two-Pass Technique with MS Project Business Benefits of Mature Scheduling Practices Proactive Scheduling Evolved

Advanced Schedule Analysis

In this section you will cover the value of schedule risk analysis, simplifying schedule risk analysis using custom fields, forecast scheduling part 1 & 2, and Earned value management.


What’s the value of Schedule Risk Analysis? “EVM” Earned Value Management – Not Just Another 3 Letter Acronym! Forecast Scheduling – Session 2 Forecast Scheduling – Session 1 Simplifying Schedule Risk Analysis Using Microsoft Project Custom Fields

Advanced Schedule Creation

In this section you will cover analogous and parametric estimating, best practices for baselining and variance analysis, tips and tricks for more accurate scheduling using MS Project and Resource Leveling part 1.


Analogous and Parametric Estimating Resource Leveling: The Complete Series, Part 1 Tips and Tricks for More Accurate Scheduling Using Microsoft Project Best Practices for Baselining and Variance Analysis

Advanced Schedule Maintenance

In this section you will cover tips for resolving resource over/under-allocation, expediting project updates using a custom status view and Microsoft Project tracking deep dive.


Advanced Tips for Resolving Resource Over/Underallocation ProjectTalk – Microsoft Project Tracking Deep Dive Expedite Project Updates Using A Custom Status View

Advanced Schedule Management

In this section you will cover master scheduler best practices, working with consolidated schedules and understanding Project Server deep dive – RBS.


Master Schedulers Best Practices ProjectTalk – ‘WBS? RBS? LMNOP?’ – Project Server Deep Dive – Understanding the RBS “Taming the Monster Schedule” – Working with Consolidated Schedules…

Advanced Communication & Reporting

In this section you will cover Microsoft Project 2013/2010 Reporting Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced.


Microsoft Project 2013/2010 Reporting Essentials – Advanced Microsoft Project 2013/2010 Reporting Essentials – Intermediate
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