What are Project Deliverables

Deliverables are the products, services, or results that a project produces. They are the end goal of a project and are typically tangible. Deliverables can be tangible (such as a product or service) or intangible (such as a process or system).

Project deliverables are often specified in the project’s scope statement. The scope statement is a document that defines the project’s goals, deliverables, deadlines, and budget. Once the project’s scope has been defined, the project manager and team can begin working on the deliverables.

 Deliverables are an important part of any project, as they represent the end result of all the work that has been done. Without deliverables, a project would have no purpose. Therefore, it is essential that project managers and team members understand what deliverables are and how to create them

Types of Deliverables

There are 3 types of deliverables :

1. Internal deliverables: products or services that are delivered to another department or team within the same company.

2. External deliverables: products or services that are delivered to a client or customer.

3. Implementation deliverables: products or services that are delivered to help implement a project.

Project managers should carefully define the deliverables for a project before work begins. This ensures that everyone understands what the project is trying to achieve and what needs to be delivered. It also helps to prevent scope creep, which is when a project’s scope expands beyond its original scope.

Examples of Project Deliverables

When it comes to project deliverables, there are many different formats and types that you can use. It all depends on the project you’re working on and the specific deliverables that are required. However, there are a few common examples of project deliverables that you might use on your next project.

Some common examples of project deliverables include:

– A Progress report

– A project plan

– Product quality enhancement

– Design review

– Design drawings

These are just a few examples of project deliverables that you might use on your next project. Be sure to consult with your team and project stakeholders to determine the right deliverables for your project.

Project Deliverables

Examples of a Product Deliverables

In project management, the term product deliverable refers to the products that are delivered at the end of a project. Deliverables can be an end product, such as a bridge, or they can be frameworks, such as a document or a software program.

  • A Website
  • A Bridge
  • A Contract
  • An App
  • A house
  • An Assessment 

The purpose of a deliverable is to add value to the project and help the project team to achieve its objectives. Deliverables can be used to measure the progress of a project and to assess whether the project is on track to meet its objectives.

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