What is the Project for the web Accelerator

Microsoft Project for the Web is a project management tool with a simple user interface that provides basic tools such as task management, resource management, and scheduling. The Project Management Office Accelerator extends the functionality of Microsoft Project for the Web by adding six project management scenarios.

How to install the Project Management Office Accelerator

The Project accelerator was first introduced by Microsoft in March 2021 and uploaded to GitHub in November 2021.

To get started installing the Project Accelerator you need to download a local copy of the file on your PC. You can either download the environment from Microsoft’s website or directly from GitHub. If you choose to download from Github, scroll down to Deploying the solution, then click on “Accelerator”. The zip file will be downloaded to your local directory – do not unzip it.

Next login to powerapps.com and navigate to the environment tab in the top right of your screen and select the project for the web environment which should be installed as your default environment as deployment to the Default environment is automatic. When Project for the web or Roadmap is used for the first time in an Office 365 tenant, a Default Dataverse instance is provisioned for the tenant and the solutions are deployed.

Selecting your Default Enviroment In poweapps.

Next, navigate to the left navigation and click the “Solutions” menu item. Click the Import button on the top menu bar of this page. In the pop-up, press the “Choose File” button and navigate to the local directory where you downloaded the “Accelerator zip file” which should look something like “Project_for_the_web_Accelerator.zip”. Press Next, and select an existing connection to a Power Automate flow or create a new one. Press the Next button and then Import to begin importing the solution.

Project the web imported succesfuly message

This will take several minutes, so grab a coffee. Once your Project for the web Accelerator has successfully been installed you will see a message indicating “Solution ‘Project for the Web Accelerator’ imported successfully. To find your Project Accelerator environment, navigate to apps and click on Project

Project for the Web PMO Accelerator.

The Project for the web Accelerator applies customizations to the Project for the web Power App that are designed to be useful. The Accelerator can be deployed to any environment that already has Project for the web in it with ease. The Accelerator scenarios that are included are…

Project Requests: This scenario allows users to create a list of ideas for Projects that include a business case and expected impact. The Power Automate flow included with this scenario will create projects whenever the state of requests is set to Approved.

Programs: This scenario allows users to create a hierarchy of programs and projects so that they can see how work fits into the bigger picture.

Risks and Issues: This scenario allows users to manage the surprises that accompany every project. Users can create and assign risks and issues to minimize impacts on a project’s schedule.

Changes: This scenario allows users to use change-tracking processes to help understand the history of a project.

Status: This scenario allows users to centralize the recording of project status to keep stakeholders up-to-date.

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