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Enterprise Project Type Icons You Didn’t Know You Had

One thing I always have to search for when creating a new EPT is the appropriate icon to use. I have discovered and used some of the out-of-the-box icons that can be found in any default Project Server 2010 installation, so I thought that I might share them here.

There is in fact a long list of icons available, which I have included below (forgive me copyright gods in MS!). To use one of these icons, just update the image URL under Server Settings –> Enterprise Project Types. For example, to update the default Sample Proposal with any of the icons below, simply modify the image URL under:

Enterprise Project Type Icons

For a Master Project icon (taken from the image below), replace the URL above with the following:


Full list of icons (16×16 size only):

Enterprise Project Type Icons

Enterprise Project Type Icons

Enterprise Project Type Icons

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  1. Thanks for this article, very helpful. Is there a way we can add more icons? We are using Project Online.

  2. Is it possible to upload icons to the location identified by /_layouts/inc/pwa/images/ – I can think of situations where clients would want to “Brand” their EPT’s


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