Intro to Jira & How to Use Jira Data to Connect Teams

Jira is one of the most popular tools for agile project management used by over 65,000 companies in nearly 200 countries. The chances that you’ll encounter Jira if you manage projects that involve software engineers are high.

This software allows you to carefully curate your project plans in a way that makes logical sense for engineers, QA teams, product teams, and project managers. Jira empowers teams to plan, scope, iterate, track, and report in one central hub that acts as a single source of truth. You can do a lot with this powerful work management tool. However, it can be daunting to get started.

That’s why Rae Foote, Visor’s resident Jira expert, will provide you with an overview of how Jira works, how to avoid common Jira mistakes, and best practices for creating a Jira issue.

She will discuss why Jira is so popular amongst agile teams (and what agile software development even is). She will also dive into Jira’s most popular features, how Jira Projects are typically structured, and what PMs need to know when taking over a Jira Board.

Lastly, she’ll cover advanced topics like how to best use Jira data to keep your stakeholders in the loop (even if they don’t use Jira!) and how to use apps like Visor to make your Jira data legible to sales teams, marketers, and the C-suite.

Learning Objectives:

1.      Why Jira is popular for agile development

2.      How Jira Structures Projects

3.      How to Create a Jira Ticket

4.      What NOT to Do in Jira

5.      Sharing Jira data & project plans with stakeholders using Visor

Join this webinar to learn Jira basics and more advanced principles like how to maintain control of your ecosystem when everyone wants transparency and access to your project plans. You’ll leave this webinar not only with a Jira 101 overview, but you’ll also know how to visualize and share your Jira project plans across your organization using Visor.

Future-proof your career by arming yourself with knowledge about one of the world’s most popular work management tools out there. RSVP today!

Webinar Details

Date: June 7, 2023

Time: 12:00pm EST – 1:00pm EST

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