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The following table gives you an overview of the included, improved, and new features that Microsoft Project has to offer. Included are features that were introduced in previous versions of Microsoft Project, as well as the newest features from Project 2016. Microsoft continuously adds features to make project management more efficient for users. The latest version of Microsoft Project makes it much easier for everyone involved in the various aspects project work, to manage their resources, track progress with multiple timeline views, and give direct feedback to Microsoft about Project features. See for yourself how these features can be put to good use, click on the links below for content related tips from MPUG.


Project 2003

Project 2007

Project Standard 2010

Project Professional 2010

Project 2013

Project 2016


Getting Started

Microsoft Fluent user InterfaceNewIncludedIncludedIncrease productivity with the Ribbon, a tab interface to quickly find and use Project features and controls. Personalize the ribbon by adding and/or removing actions on the tabs and creating personal galleries
Contextual GuidanceNewIncludedIncludedQuickly learn about features with hover-over command Tool Tips, Status bar messages and context-sensitive on line help.
Online HelpIncludedImprovedImprovedImprovedIncludedGo online to find expanded Help, step-by-step guides and video training.
Tell MeNewInstead of searching in Project or in the online help resources, Tell Me, will look for whatever solution you need.
Zoom In/Out QuicklyNewImprovedIncludedZoom controls on the Status bar allow you to quickly change the timeline perspective of your project schedules.
Backstage™ NewIncludedIncludedQuickly access tools, templates and program options for Project using the new Microsoft® Office Backstage™ view.
Save File to SharePointIncludedIncludedImprovedImprovedIncludedCollaborate on your Project file with your colleagues by saving it to your Microsoft® SharePoint® site.
Create Projects from SharePoint Task ListNewImprovedIncludedConvert your current SharePoint® tasks lists into a Project schedule.
Synchronize with SharePointNewImprovedImprovedPublish your project schedule to a SharePoint® task list, receive task updates from your resources and the two are automatically synchronized.
Add-insNewMicrosoft Project Add-ins are now easier than ever to integrate with your Project. Microsoft partner applications can be downloaded in the same efficient manner as templates from the Office store.
New ThemesNewChange your project theme to which ever theme you prefer: colorful, dark gray, and white

Project Planning

Project TemplatesIncludedIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedInitiate project plans using best practice templates with pre-defined schedule and generic resource assignments.
Custom FieldsImprovedImprovedNewIncludedIncludedCapture and standardize project metadata using custom fields.
Enhanced Copy/PasteImprovedImprovedNewImprovedImprovedCollaborate on schedule development by copying/pasting schedule details between applications with outline levels and formatting maintained.
Automatic SchedulingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedUse the powerful scheduling engine to plan, manage and track projects.
User-Controlled SchedulingNewIncludedIncludedPuts you in control of the schedule with greater flexibility to specify task durations and start/finish dates.
Top Down Summary TasksNewImprovedIncludedSupport top-down and rolling wave planning to capture expected dates – later compare summary information with bottom-up schedule details.
Placeholder Text in Project FieldsNewIncludedIncludedEnter text notes in Date or Duration fields and change later when details are known
Active/Inactive TasksNewIncludedIncludedPerform what-if analysis and review impacts on schedule and resources by making tasks active/ inactive.
Multiple Level UndoNewIncludedIncludedIncludedPerform what-if analysis and fully understand the impact of changes by reversing and re-applying an entire set of operations, including views, data and options changes.
Top Level Budget PlanningNewIncludedIncludedIncludedDefine overall project or program budget to allocate funds and track costs, work and materials against the time-phased plan.
Manage Non-working TimeNewIncludedIncludedIncludedAccurately reflect when resources are available for project work by capturing vacations, exceptions and other calendar details.
Calendar WizardIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedUse the Calendar wizard to simplify the process of setting up resource and task calendars for your project.
Gantt Chart, Calendar and Task Sheet ViewsIncludedIncludedImprovedImprovedIncludedUse a variety of views to manage and review project data effectively
Network Diagram ViewIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedGroup tasks and display graphical indicators in a Network Diagram view
Timeline ViewNewImprovedIncludedSee your entire schedule or review specific dates and deadlines using the completely new and visually enhanced Timeline view.
Multiple Timeline ViewNew & ImprovedSee more than one visually enhanced timeline view to help visualize different phases of your project plan. You can set both start and end dates for each timeline from this view.
DeadlinesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedSet due dates for tracking and reporting without creating constraints on tasks
Formulas and Graphical IndicatorsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedEffectively communicate status and track project metadata by assigning formulas, pick lists and graphical indicators to custom fields.
Group and Sort Project DataIncludedImprovedImprovedImprovedIncludedCombine and organize project information in a variety of ways using custom or default grouping and sorting.
FilteringIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncludedQuickly filter data for any column header with custom and default filtering options.
Auto-CompleteIncludedImprovedImprovedIncludedEnter project details with Excel-like ease using an auto-complete pop-up display of previously used values.
Dynamically Add ColumnsNewImprovedIncludedAdd columns by entering data in the cells without first selecting the data type.
Text WrapNewImprovedIncludedRow height is adjusted automatically to display full contents of a cell.
Background Cell HighlightingNewImprovedIncludedIncludedHighlight important dates, costs or tasks by changing the background color of select cells in a table portion of the view.
Expanded Color Palette and FormattingNewIncludedIncludedUse the extended color palette and rich graphical formatting options to emphasize important details and personalize project schedule details.
Baseline RollupIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedControl how baseline data is rolled up to summary tasks for up-to-date tracking of projects.
Master ProjectsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedCreate programs with more than one sub-project for program-level management, tracking and reporting.
Cross-project Critical PathIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedCalculate critical path across all projects in a master project to determine the overall critical path for the program.
Publish Projects to Project ServerIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncludedWith Project Server 2010, gain control across all types of work, improve project selection and strategic alignment, maximize resource utilization and visualize performance through powerful dashboards.*

Resource Planning and Management

Resource EngagementsNewRequest a resource in project and your resource manager can accept or deny your request. If accepted, your resource will lock to ensure availability.
Resource ViewsNewA designated space for resource managers to look at and accept or deny all resource requests.
Work, Generic and Material ResourcesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedDefine and assign named work (person or equipment) resources, generic (skill-based, for example, DBA) resources, or consumable material resources such as lumber or concrete.
Cost ResourcesNewIncludedIncludedIncludedSupport accounting system integration and definition of multiple time-phased fixed costs on each task.
Team ResourcesNewIncludedIncludedIncludedAssociate enterprise resources with a team to show team allocation, assignment and status and to allow resources within the team to assign themselves to team tasks.*
Team PlannerNewOnly included with Project ProfessionalIncludedVisually drag and drop resources in an interactive resource view to simplify complex resource scenarios.
Resource Sheet and Usage ViewsIncludedIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedUse variety of views to change resource information and review work and allocation details.
Resource LevelingIncludedIncludedImprovedImprovedIncludedRecognize and correct resource overload scenarios using various resource leveling techniques.
Resource SubstitutionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedEasily locate qualified resources to substitute for scarce or unavailable resources.

Project Tracking, Analysis and Reporting

Resource Capacity Heat MapsNewNew reporting feature that allows you to quickly see how your resources are being used.
Change HighlightingNewIncludedImprovedIncludedEasily view project changes and all parts of the schedule affected by the change (successor tasks, summary costs, etc.) with change highlighting.
Task InspectorNewIncludedIncludedRecognize concerns and take corrective action such as level over-allocated resources on task-by-task basis.
Compare Project VersionsIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncludedReview differences and compare schedule details between versions.
Reschedule Uncompleted WorkIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncludedReschedule uncompleted work on tasks by selecting any reschedule date while maintaining constraints.
Schedule WarningsNewIncludedIncludedView alerts to potential scheduling concerns and choose whether to act.
Update Project ProgressIncludedIncludedNewIncludedIncludedUse variety of tracking methods such as % complete and actual work to capture status.
Standard ReportsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedReport status on project tasks, status, costs and earned value using summary, list and cross-tabular reports.
Visual ReportsNewImprovedIncludedIncludedTake advantage of and tailor out of the box summary and pivot table reports that use Visio and Excel templates.
Desktop OLAP CubeNewIncludedIncludedIncludedCreate powerful reports and mine project data efficiently by exporting Project data into a Microsoft Office Access database and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes.
PDF/XPS OutputNewImprovedIncludedDistribute and share your project plan details with others by saving it to PDF or XPS format.

Project Collaboration

In-App FeedbackNewGive your feedback directly to Microsoft in the File tab by clicking on the Feedback section.
Enhanced Copy/PasteNewIncludedIncludedEasily share project information by copying and pasting between applications while maintaining outline levels and formatting.
Synchronize with SharePointNewIncludedIncludedPublish your project schedule to a SharePoint® 2010 task list, receive task updates from your resources and the two are automatically synchronized.
Save File to SharePointIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncludedCollaborate on your Project file with your colleagues by saving it to a SharePoint® site.
Publish Projects to Project ServerIncludedIncludedImprovedIncludedIncluded
Scalable 64-bit SupportNewIncludedIncludedOffering 64-bit compatibility provides customers with performance improvements, especially attractive for customers that create very large and complex master projects.
Integrated communication featuresNewIncludedGet progress updates, ask quick questions, or even have long-term strategy discussions, all without leaving project. Need to integrate Skype for Business to take advantage of this feature in Project 2016.

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