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Where There’s a Widget, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project! – By Project Widgets
Ira Brown



Project Widgets is pleased to showcase several “widgets” that extend the power of Microsoft Project. These products address real world challenges faced by many industries by providing the following capabilities:

  • Create reliable “what-if” scenario plans that allow you to analyze the downstream impact of changes to a project in support of key business decisions. This capability is especially critical in these uncertain times.
  • Automate the new project creation process, ensuring uniformity across your enterprise by leveraging existing project templates and metadata, and enforcing naming conventions.
  • Initiate all projects within a program at once, including the establishment of interproject dependencies.
  • Capture metadata, assumptions and other critical project information in a central repository.
  • Create “snapshots” of important project information across your portfolio including schedule dates and project details such as metadata, key assumptions, and risks/issues.
  • Highlight variances of key milestones from one reporting period to another.

These Project Widgets products, all of which work with Project Online and Project Server, will take project management with Microsoft Project to the next level!


Ira Brown, the founder and president of Project Widgets, is a leader in the field of project management, and is a recognized Microsoft Project expert. Project Widgets is well-known for offering add-on products for Microsoft Project and Project Online, as well as for creating custom solutions that meet their clients’ unique business requirements. This company continues to extend the scope and breadth of their offerings, thereby increasing the value they provide to customers by creating Microsoft Project solutions that are tailored to an organization’s unique needs. They even have several free, downloadable widgets available on their website that you can begin using right away.

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Using WBS Schedule Pro – By Critical Tools

Jim Spiller


WBS Schedule Pro is a Windows-based project management software application designed to be a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool for planning and managing projects. The presentation includes the recommended approach for using WBS Schedule Pro to plan and manage projects, including how to use a WBS Chart for planning, how to create a schedule and define the critical path using a Network Chart and how to use the many additional features within WBS Schedule Pro to plan any project. Other areas of discussion will describe how to customize the various charts in the software, how to use WBS Schedule Pro with Microsoft Project and how to Import/Export data. Also included throughout the presentation will be many shortcuts and valuable tips for using WBS Schedule Pro effectively.


Jim Spiller – President of Critical Tools, Inc, makers of the WBS Schedule Pro software. Jim has been a part of the Project Management Software business since 1985. For the past 20+ years with Critical Tools, Jim helped design and develop what is now called WBS Schedule Pro.


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Making Light Work of Schedule Risk Analysis – By Barbecana

John Owen



There is increasing recognition that Schedule Risk Analysis has an important part to play in producing more realistic forecast for future work completion. However, there are two reasons that organizations still use to justify not adopting the technique. Firstly, there is a fear that the additional work to implement schedule risk analysis will outweigh the benefits. Secondly, the schedule is often imposed by the client and the contractor should just make do and deliver. In reality, schedule risk analysis can be implemented without a massive re-estimation effort to capture three-point estimates and being forewarned regarding issues with client schedules gives an opportunity for addressing those issues before they occur.

This session will show how Barbecana’s Full Monte Schedule Risk Analysis add-on for Microsoft Project can improve your understanding of the uncertainty in any schedule before issues arise. Topics will include initial implementation, sensitivity analysis, modelling risk mitigation, and using schedule risk analysis with Agile methodologies.



John Owen, CEO Barbecana Inc.

Owen joined Barbecana as Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and assumed the role of President and CEO in 2019. Owen has extensive experience of both project management and software development. Previous positions have included VP Development for Welcom, Senior Director for Product Management at Deltek, and Manager for Computerized Project Management at Worley Engineering. Owen’s interests include Land Rovers, Smart Homes, and DIY projects around the house.


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Triskell Software for Enterprise Governance

Rich Murphy


Triskell Software is a cloud-based “Enterprise Governance Platform”. The solution provides organizations with comprehensive functionality including strategic planning and execution, budgeting/forecasting/financial management, agile/waterfall/hybrid techniques for detail planning, and robust analytical and simulation/scenario capability. The system is unique because it allows the application of all system functions to not just programs, projects, and tasks, but also to multiple portfolios, deliverables, products, and any other “object”. Triskell also recognizes that many organizations currently use several tools for detail planning, including Microsoft Project, spreadsheets, Jira, SharePoint lists, etc. Triskell permits users to continue with those tools while providing all Triskell functionality for portfolio and resource management and reporting. For the past 3 years Triskell has been noted in Gartner’s Market Guide for Strategic Execution Management (SEM) solutions. This vendor showcase will include a demonstration of how Microsoft Project (Standard and Professional versions) can be used with Triskell.

Rich Murphy has more than 35 years of experience in the project management field. He began as the project controls engineer for a $4 billion power plant engineering and construction project. He and his long-time partners have led the development of many leading commercial project management software systems. After Microsoft’s acquisition of one of the systems developed by his team in August 2000, Rich joined Microsoft and participated in the development of Project Professional and Project Server. He was the original Solution CEO for Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management system. After leaving Microsoft, Rich and his team continued to develop complimentary solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack. For the past 6 years Rich has provided marketing and product development advice to several PPM vendors. In 2019 Rich joined Triskell Software as their VP – Strategy and Corporate Development.


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