Protecting Contract Deliverables With Schedule Risk Analysis and Schedule Margin

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Event Description:

Learn why the finish date predicted by Microsoft Project is NOT the date you promise to deliver to your customer.  Even with excellent estimating and execution, the project finish date predicted by scheduling software is usually unattainable. Everything is subject to some uncertainty and even small amounts can result in projects being delivered late.  However, Schedule Risk Analysis can consider the impact of uncertainty and help you make realistic commitments to your customers.  This increases customer satisfaction and repeat orders while reducing management effort and cost.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of a Schedule Risk Analysis.
  • Learn how to use Schedule Margin to protect deliverables.
  • Use Sensitivity Analysis to find key drivers affecting the outcome.
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Written by John Owen
John Owen, CEO Barbecana Inc. Owen joined Barbecana as Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and assumed the role of President and CEO in 2019.  Owen has extensive experience of both project management and software development.  Previous positions have included VP Development for Welcom, Senior Director for Product Management at Deltek, and Manager for Computerized Project Management at Worley Engineering. Owen’s interests include Land Rovers, Smart Homes, and DIY projects around the house.
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