Webinar: Create Colorful Swimlanes and Keep Them Up to Date with Milestones Professional 2015 – By Kidasa

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Event Description:

Let’s face it. Microsoft Project needs a lot of help in the presentation reporting area. That’s where Milestones Professional 2015 comes in. Get high quality reports in a variety of formats directly from your Microsoft Project schedules and easily keep them up to date. Create custom swimlane reports, birds on a wire schedules, milestone charts, stoplight charts, dashboards and more. Keep a presentation master schedule up to date using a list of Microsoft Project schedules and Milestones Professional’s unique nickname system. Show future events in a condensed format using Milestone’s logarithmic date headings which let you zoom in on parts of the date range. Need to compare this month’s schedule to last month’s schedule? Try the new schedule compare utility. Join our presentation to see all of this and more.



Daniel Elder

Daniel was born and raised in Austin, TX, and has worked at KIDASA Software as a marketing and web developer since 2009. He has now become a training specialist for KIDASA Software, and will be happy to share his knowledge with viewers and answer any questions.


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