Upcoming Webinar Series: Practical Scrum with MS Project Agile

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

– Proverb

Scrum is one of the most used frameworks in Lean-Agile space, among others such as Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP), or Scrum combined with XP.

The Scrum framework comes mainly with three artifacts. Included are: three categories –Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Definition of Done (DoD); three roles – Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers; and four events – Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Daily Scrum. As per the latest Scrum Guide, Sprint, the iteration within the Scrum framework, is another event.

Diagram of the Scrum Framework
Diagram of the Scrum Framework

For real-world Scrum practitioners, while theory is needed, knowing how to apply the Scrum framework in your project is equally important. Indeed, several questions come up, such as:

  • How does one prepare a Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog?
  • How to covert the work items in the Sprint Backlog into individual tasks?
  • How are the Scrum events actually implemented in the real-world software tool?
  • What about the Burndown Chart for the Sprints or Releases, and how to prepare them?
  • And more…

Welcome to the three-part series of Practical Scrum with MS Project Agile. It will be a combination of theory and practical, with more emphasis on practical applicability and hands-on learning. In these webinars, we will learn various aspects of the Scrum framework, and how to implement them using MS Project Agile.

With MS Project Agile, you as an Agile or Scrum practitioner can:

  • Plan for the resources and roles in Scrum,
  • Plan for the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog,
  • Plan for a number of Sprints and Releases,
  • Prioritize the Product Backlog items,
  • Implement all four Scrum ceremonies, including Daily Scrums,
  • Self-assign tasks by self-organizing team members,
  • Generate many reports, including Sprint Burndown, Burnup Charts,
  • And many more.

In fact, MS Project Agile (i.e., MS Project Online Desktop Client) is one the few dedicated software tools available to manage Scrum projects and has introduced a dedicated template called “Sprint” to manage Scrum projects.

MS Project Agile templates with Sprints Project template highlighted
MS Project Agile templates with Sprints Project template highlighted

The depth and breadth of MS Project Agile software is great. You can quickly plan, manage and track almost every aspect of a Sprint! For a Product Owner (PO), Scrum Master (SM) or a Developer, this tool stands out among multiple others available in the marketplace.

Another impressive aspect is that of the remote, distributed and dispersed teams in today’s world. Such teams are a reality in today’s working environment, and it helps to get the best possible person from any part of the country, continent, or planet. A software management tool like MS Project Agile helps meet this need as well.

In my upcoming webinar series, we will discuss the following:

Find more event details and register at the links above.

I first implemented a Lean-Agile framework in 2005, but little did I know about its future popularity and usage then. Agile has been a very popular way of working for engineers, developers, and managers for over 20 years now.

It’s also equally popular with C-suite executives and Agile PMOs because you get value early and frequently.

The event series will be based on my experience, interactions, teaching, building several Agile/Scrum courses, and publishing a number of books, articles and essays for over two decades. In many of my articles and essays, I’ve used MS Project software tool.

It’ll also be based on my learnings that I’ve had (and continuing to learn) from working with a variety of Agile/Scrum practitioners, including engineers, POs, SMs, developers, (Agile) PMOs, CXOs, and founders.

Seeing is better than hearing. Knowing is better than seeing. Doing is better than knowing. As the opening quote says, true learning happens by doing things in a hands-on manner. I’ll try to make a demonstrated, involved and immersive learning, when you are part of my upcoming webinar sessions.

Hope to meet you in these three exclusive events, where we are going to learn Practical Scrum Management with MS Project Agile.

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Written by Satya Narayan Dash
Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, coach, and author of multiple books. Under his guidance, over 2,000 professionals have successfully cracked PMP, ACP, RMP, and CAPM examinations – in fact, there are over 100 documented success stories written by these professionals. His course, PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass, has made many successful PMPs, and he’s recently launched RMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass and ACP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass. His web presence is at https://managementyogi.com, and he can be contacted via email at managementyogi@gmail.com.  
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