Many years ago, I was teaching a Project Server class to a group of project managers in New Orleans. The class was held in the fall during the football season, and they told me they were all big LSU Tigers football fans. Because I am a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, as a joke on the second day of class, I told them of an upcoming date that was important for them to know. I said to them in a very serious voice, “Everyone, please write down this important date”, and I gave them the date. They all took out notepads and wrote down the date. Then I told them, “The date is the next Nebraska home game and it’s on TV. Be sure to watch and cheer for Nebraska!” They all got a big laugh out of the joke I played on them, but they were not done with me.

The next morning when I walked into class, they were ALL wearing red t-shirts with a white letter “N” on the front of the shirt. And someone in the room played “Hail Varsity” on their computer, which is the collegiate fight song for the Cornhuskers. And then they presented me with a red t-shirt as their gift!

Image Courtesy of: Zach Petersen

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