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Barbecana is the developer of Full Monte, a cost and schedule risk analysis tool for Microsoft Project. Using Monte Carlo simulation, it estimates the probability of completing the project by a particular date and at a particular cost. Results are presented in terms of histograms and s-curves, in addition to user-definable tabular reports and bar charts.

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Critical Tools makes and distributes the WBS Schedule Pro project planning software. WBS Schedule Pro combines Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Charts, Network Charts, Gantt Charts, Task Sheets plus numerous additional features to produce a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool to plan and manage any project. WBS Schedule Pro can be used by itself as a standalone project planning tool or it can be used with Microsoft Project.

To transform your organization, you need a consulting partner, one who brings you experience based ideas. A partner with significant industry knowledge, powerful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who listens before offering guidance. One who works with you to help you reach the next level. With expertise in more than 30 industries and some of the best professionals anywhere, Envorso is that partner.

Value Transformation LLC has extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in product development. These topics, project management, agile and lean, testing, Total Quality Management, cost improvement, APQP, configuration management, requirements management, process management, learning organization and quality management. This experience is largely focused on software, specifically embedded products, and the manufacturing of those products. A significant amount of experience in the automotive and aerospace industries. Some of the companies for which the members have worked are listed below. Value Transformation personnel are geographically distributed, we make use of connectivity tools to provide an advantage.

OnePager is the project timeline application that empowers project managers to turn any project plan into beautiful charts in seconds. No matter the size of a project or the application used to create the original plan, OnePager turns real data into concise, instantly understandable visual timelines and Gantt charts, suitable for PowerPoint presentations, team meetings, executive reviews, and more. OnePager simplifies communications within the project team, improves project outcomes, and saves project managers both time and frustration. Want to be a project management superhero? OnePager makes it possible.

think-cell helps you create stunning charts in minutes, boosts your slide layout and automates your regular reports. And all this with a single PowerPoint add-in. Send your slides to anyone in your organization and they can edit the raw data, even if they don’t have think-cell installed. Installs natively to the PowerPoint toolbar, bringing the intuitive features to your fingertips. Become proficient in just a few hours

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