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What is MPUG?

MPUG is the official Microsoft Project User Group providing Microsoft Project training to individual users and corporate teams of all sizes through live and on-demand training webinars, articles and other great resources. MPUG can train you and your team for a fraction of the cost to attend on-site classes.


How do I become a MPUG Premium Member?

Join MPUG today! Learn about all of the great benefits you will receive as an MPUG Premium Member. For all other membership questions, please contact us at


I forgot my username, what is it?

Your username is the full email address that you used to register your account. If that email no longer exists, please contact us at to set up your new email.


I lost my password, how do I reset it?

Simply go to and click the Forgot Your Password? link under the login section on the homepage and enter your username (email address). This will send an email to your registered email address to reset your password.


How do I change my password?

You can change your password by logging into and clicking on the My Account button at the top right. Enter your new password in and click Save Changes.


My username and password are correct, why can’t I login?

It may be that your account has expired or something else is keeping you from signing in. Contact us at and we’ll have you up and running in no time.


How do I renew my MPUG membership?

It’s easy, visit our renew page or call us at to retain all the benefits of being a premium MPUG member!


My company would like to learn more or purchase a group/corporate membership.

Excellent! If you have a group of 4 or more you can receive additional membership discounts. If you have questions, would like a quote, or would like to begin a group membership, contact us at


How do I renew my company’s group/corporate membership?

Contact us at and we will take care of the rest!


Where can I get a copy of my receipt?

If you purchased an MPUG membership and would like a copy of your receipt, login to and click on the My Account at the top right. On the “My Account” page you will see a link to view your receipt in red near the bottom of the “Account Details” box.


Why is my receipt blank?

If you recently registered, renewed your membership or completed a transaction, it may take a few days for the transaction information to be available on your receipt.


What is a webinar and what can I expect while attending?

MPUG premium members can attend weekly webinars that are 1 to 1-1/2 hour online presentations with practical training and tips delivered by avid users, industry experts and Microsoft MVP’s. You can participate from your computer anywhere around the world.


What time do the webinars start?

Typically, the webinars will begin Wednesdays at 12pm EST. You can learn more by checking out our Upcoming Webinars.


I missed some or all of a webinar that I registered for, can I still watch it?

Don’t worry, the webinars are recorded and available to premium members on-Demand. Check out a full listing of our recorded webinars.


I’m having trouble viewing the webinar recording on-demand, how can I troubleshoot?

MPUG hosts videos using JW Player. These videos require Flash and access to the JW Player content server to play. If you do not see the video player or see a message that the player is loading, it may because your network or computer has blocked Flash or restricted access to JW Player. Please contact your IT department to investigate or contact MPUG directly at for additional information and help troubleshooting.


Where can I find my webinar history report/transcript?

You can find your webinar history by logging into and clicking on the My Account button at the top right. On the My Account page you will see a link to view your webinar history at the bottom of the “Account Details” box. This includes the relevant webinar information in a printable report.


Where can I find my webinar certificates of completion?

You can find your webinar certificates of completion by logging into and clicking on the My Account button at the top right. On the My Account page you will see a link to view your webinar history at the bottom of the “Account Details” box. Each session in your webinar report will have a link to view/print your certificate of completion.


What is a Certificate Series?

The MPUG Certificate online series covers the new and improved features and usage of Microsoft Project and Server, Project Portfolio Management Masterclass, Scheduling, Reporting, Project Management with Microsoft Project Essentials, and Project Management with SharePoint Essentials. Lean more about our Certificate Series. Learn more about submitting webinar sessions to your history.


Can I earn Project Management Institute (PMI)® PDUs for attending webinars?

Yes! You can earn PMI® Credit with MPUG. MPUG is a PMI® Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.). You can earn one Professional Development Unit (PDU) for each hour of webinar training that you attend (maximum 30 PDUs). You can find the PMI® Activity Codes for sessions you have attended on your My Account page. Learn more about submitting webinar sessions to your history.


How can I earn PMI®  PDU’s through MPUG?

MPUG is a PMI® Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.). You can earn Professional Development Units (PDU’s) in many ways. Learn more about our offerings here.


How do I claim my PMI® PDU’s earned through MPUG?

Learn how to Claim PMI®  PDU’s here.


How do I contribute, become an author/presenter?

Let us know by contacting MPUG events.



How do I sign up to receive MPUG’s weekly newsletter?

Just enter your email address in the sign-up form at the bottom of your screen and click submit. It’s FREE for everyone! It contains great information for Microsoft Project users and keeps you up to date on events at MPUG.


I don’t have Microsoft Project, how can I try it?

We have you covered! Try Microsoft Project for FREE!


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