Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Project Management

In this live event, Rich Weller and the MIGSO-PCUBED Digital Workers team do a mock stakeholder interview and demonstrate AI tools.

Using Custom Fields and Graphical Indicators to Analyze the Quality of Your Schedule

In this live event, Ira Brown demonstrates how to use custom fields and graphical indicators to better analyze your schedule quality.

Revolutionizing Adaptive Project Portfolio Management with ChatGPT and AI

Explore how cutting-edge AI technologies like ChatGPT are revolutionizing adaptive project portfolio management, enhancing prioritization, resource optimization, data integrity, and strategic decision...

Revolutionize Your Strategic Planning: Harnessing Viva Goals with Microsoft Project Tools

Project Managers, transform your strategic planning: Master OKRs, align Viva Goals with MS Project tools, and achieve success in this interactive webinar.

Smartsheet 101: Conquering the Basics

Watch this insightful panel discussion with four leading Smartsheet experts, all about why this is the fastest growing PM tool today!

Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (3 of 3)

Automate report updates, securely share Power BI insights, & export live data for presentations in this advanced session - empower informed decisions!

Microsoft Project Magic Formula Final Demystification with Microsoft Project Online

Learn the key to aligning task duration and effort in Microsoft Project for seamless project management success in this lesson, and earn a PDU!

Copilot Studio and the PMO: Creating a Capable and Useful AI Assistant

This lesson teaches the capabilities of Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents to effectively handle PMO data, and improve project management operations in this webinar.

Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (2 of 3)

This lesson teaches the power of Power BI for captivating project reports: Import data, build visuals and gain insights in this introductory session.